Pakistan: Thirsty Days Ahead

April 24, 2019 Environment , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , OTHER , Pakistan

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Pakistan is touching dangerous limits in relation to water shortage. According to the IMF, Pakistan ranks third in the world among countries facing acute water shortages.


According to the Global Stage, Pakistan is at the highest level of water consolidation. Pakistan receives 145 feet acres water every year, but only 13.7 million saves. The major cities of Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore are the most vulnerable to water shortage, and if these conditions are not controlled at the same time, the same deficit will occur all over the country.


By 2025, there are many chances of water drought in Pakistan. Some serious causes of water shortage facing Pakistan are numerous. The reason for this is Pakistan’s population and more irrigation. The climate is very complicated. Another reason is also the weather’s hardness, the summer temperature of the minimizing water in the country.


The most important thing to deal with this crisis is the proper management of bad water. Making a dam is important but it is a long-term project. It is very important to adopt short term polices and control of water shortage in the meantime however, in addition to highlighting awareness in the Pakistani people as to the extent of the water shortages ocurring.


The most important step forward is to build new reservoirs in all scales and flood flats to maximize masonry extra storage. Looking at the shortage of the country’s central water, new reserves are equally important to meet the needs of agriculture, rapid population, population growth, food disadvantages and growing population of the industry.


People should be educated in order to protect water through cooperation. More governments around the world should make rules on water conservation, such as western countries.


Efforts will be made to change the current circulation system so that individual systems should be sought.





Hammad Hassan

Hammad Hassan is a a Broadcast Journalist and Producer at Hum News. He has been working as a Journalist since 2011 and is also a social media activist.

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