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What is rude for most Arabs…is not Trump’s handshake

EPA photo   By Ahmed Tharwat Lots of debate and media coverage preceded and followed President Trump’s visit to the Saudi kingdom. Anxieties and expectations filled the air. Trump, who has been behaving like a royal frat boy all his life, was visiting Saudi royalty in his first official overseas visit.

Being Muslim is a Pre-Existing Condition

Reuters photo   By Ahmed Tharwat The frat boys of the Republican House of Representatives, celebrating the TrumpCare win in the Rose Garden was the most disgusting, lewd political act in recent years. We aren’t even going to talk about the absence of women in this political binge celebration.

What do Egyptians call their dictator?: El Sisi visits the US

Reuters photo   By Ahmed Tharwat Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is coming to visit the US in the first week of April. No, this is not an April Fool’s but it is the meeting of fools. The visit is the first official state visit for the Egyptian general at the invitation of President Trump.

Just Do It…InShAllah

By Ahmed Tharwat The sportswear giant Nike has finally realized that the Hijab is not a symbol of oppression after all, but again, only if it is their design or has its logo.

How the Muslim Ban is going to affect my gastronomical life

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP   By Ahmed Tharwat Donald Trump our new Czar, the political ISIS of American politics, the one who beheaded more than a dozen career politicians on national TV during GOP debates. In his crusade against Muslims and Islam, the leader of the civilized world, replacing the leader of the free world, called for […]

Trump is the el-Sisi of America

AFP photo   By Ahmed Tharwat General el-Sisi, in one of his bizarre revelations, told the Egyptian people that he is blessed by a divine wisdom. Everyone laughed, social media exploding with jokes and satirical postings, but apparently, Donald Trump isn’t laughing. He agrees with what General el-Sisi says and does!

Dancing in Cairo’s streets

Mohamed Taher/Ahmed Fathy   By Ahmed Tharwat The young ballerina Nour Yasser went on a dancing spree across Cairo’s old streets. “She captivates city dwellers and passers-by, drawn to a scene unusual in Egypt’s conservative urban life,” reported the Cairo Scene. “Our project aim was to explore the beauty and diversity of Cairo,” photographers Mohamed […]

Editorial: Tuck Magazine 2016

    Tuck Magazine had a record breaking 2016, publishing an increased number of articles as each month progressed, easily surpassing the achievements of the year before.

How Breakfast Explains the World!!

Amr Nabil/AP   By Ahmed Tharwat   “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Charles Spurgeon

A Muslim Survival Kit for Trump’s 4 year Tenure!

Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat Now it is real folks, it is written, the Donald will be our next and 45th President. The joke is now on us however, and he is the only one laughing.

Muslims Should Report Hatred: The Locker Room Debate!

Saul Loeb/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat As millions of Americans who geared up to watch the second debate/match between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we were all eager to see how Donald Trump would perform after his lewd conversation about women.

Unveiling the Olympic coverage in Rio

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat The contrasting images of the fully clothed Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team playing the scantily clad German team was at the forefront of the media’s coverage as well as the internet during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Trump And His Women!

Mary Altaffer/AP   By Ahmed Tharwat The media’s extensive coverage of Donald Trump’s bizarre insulting of the parents of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in Iraq is overblown.

Golfing with a Trump supporter

By Ahmed Tharwat I took up golfing right after I realized that as a Muslim I wanted to be assimilated, besides I couldn’t play soccer anymore, couldn’t run, so I took walking as a sport.

Police Brutality… from Cairo to Minneapolis

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat You know the situation here is bad when family and friends in Egypt are worried about me because of police brutality and not Islamophobia. The latest tragic shooting of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge is changing the conversation and debate on police brutality and racism in this […]

Donald Trump should be careful what he wishes for!!

By Ahmed Tharwat The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should be careful what he wishes for. Vitriolic Trump claimed that Muslims in America don’t just assimilate enough, almost none he claimed. “Assimilation has been very hard. It’s almost, I won’t say nonexistent, but it gets to be pretty close. And I’m talking about second and […]

I’m The Greatest…!

By Ahmed Tharwat The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump reacted to President Obama’s assertion that Muslims are our sports heroes, questioning “What sports is he talking about, and who?” I’m not interested in engaging in a sports contest, especially with a rich white man with a bad hairpiece. But my admiration for a black Muslim […]

Ramadan in America: Time to reflect

Marko Djurica/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat The Muslim holy month of Ramadan will begin next week on June 6th. This day-fasting month is observed by millions of Muslims around the world, unless you are in China, where anti-fasting cops resort to force-feeding observing Muslims.

Notes From America: My Dad Was an Average Man.…!

By Ahmed Tharwat On this Memorial Day, I would like to dedicate a tribute to my Dad. My Dad passed away years ago. The west has seen enough bad Muslims, time to meet my dad.

Notes From America: Watermelon’s Summer Tales

Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters By Ahmed Tharwat Mark Twain once said, “When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” And most likely that angel was an Egyptian.

Notes from America: Muslims and Christians – At war in life, at peace in death

By Ahmed Tharwat   The Coptic Grave On a hot summer afternoon, standing alongside a few hundred Muslims at the Garden of Eden Islamic Cemetery located in a remote corner of a Christian cemetery in Burnsville, Minnesota, mourning the death of one of our friends, the reverences and respect were not given just by Muslims, […]

I’m Muslim and not gay!

By Ahmed Tharwat For the last three weeks, the Twin Cities have seen one of the largest film festivals in the country, the 35th MSPIFF Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival showcasing more than 200 new films from around the world.

The Egyptian Hijacker … General Al-Sisi

By Ahmed Tharwat “Our flight MS181 is officially hijacked. We’ll publish an official statement now.” Egypt Air posted this tweet, which was the beginning of the most bizarre hijacking incident in aviation history; the twisted love lust hijacking saga of a 59 year-old Egyptian, Seif Eldin Mustafa which captured the world’s attention for six hours.

American folk should report “suspected Islamophobes”!

By Ahmed Tharwat In December 2015, Donald Trump called for the “total and complete shutdown” of US borders to Muslims following a shooting in San Bernardino, California. As if banning Muslims wasn’t enough, the tragic terrorist attack on Brussels last Tuesday stemmed a tragic reaction from Donald too.

It is a white world … at the Ordway neighborhood

By Ahmed Tharwat On a cold Sunday afternoon, I went to see the long awaited Webber/Rice musical; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul. The weather just broke all time records in Minnesota history, dumping a webbing two feet of snow on the Twin Cities, clocking everything outside with […]

Selling lingerie on the Egyptian street

By Ahmed Tharwat Cairo’s Tahrir Square is the global symbol of the January 25th Revolution, where millions of Egyptians, including women, went to demand the toppling of the regime. Lately, Tahrir Square has witnessed the courting of the Egyptian population by General Al Sisi and his propaganda machine as well as a “Million Woman March” […]

Ayatollah Google

By Ahmed Tharwat “The control of information is something the elite always do, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people,” explained American writer Tom Clancy.

The day Egypt lost its virginity

By Ahmed Tharwat Last week two events took place in Egypt that shed some light on the paranoid fascist system that is running the country right now.

Notes From America: The Accidental Hero!!

By Ahmed Tharwat In his book “Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the America Era,” Joseph Nye of Harvard University divided American presidents into two groups.

Notes from America: How American football…explains America

By Ahmed Tharwat Last Sunday, more than 180 million Americans congregated in living rooms, bars and restaurants to eat, drink and watch the Super Bowl 50 championship game between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.