Why ‘Big Brother’ is needed in caring environments

By Hazel Speed I have often written trying to promote the need for all interactions between hospital staff and their patients, paramedics, social care in private homes (including cleaners) and in residential homes, to be voice activated video and audio recorded (all parties to have copies thereof).

Enough Is Enough

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ is the official advice given by the Metropolitan Police should anyone be caught up in a terrorist attack and this seems to work, up to a point it would seem; Police told restaurants and bars to turn off lights and lock down, while they advised others […]

Before you vote on 8th June – food for thought

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed History, as we know, often repeats itself and thereby, inclusive therein, people make the same mistakes because few either know, nor are interested in, the events of previous centuries, even when it involved a Civil War where families fought against each other at times, due to believing in the […]

Beware of political ‘half truths’ from any source

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed The Nuffield Trust has stated that there are 190 thousand expat Pensioners living in Europe, and if they had to return for medical care (post Brexit negotiation outcome, if no reciprocal agreement is possible), then it will be a huge financial/practical burden on an already overstretched NHS.

Nicola Sturgeon and the yellow brick road of independence

PA photo   By Hazel Speed Nicola Sturgeon is a woman possessed with only one thing on her mind, almost to the point of obsession, and which is like the cries of a mermaid calling the sailors towards the political rocks.