Sharif is fighting a battle for survival

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar   As per the predictions of political pundits in Pakistan, the ‘game of thrones’ is about to reach its conclusion. A triangle where Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is being trapped from three different sides, the troika of invisible forces, judiciary and Imran Khan at the moment having virtually caught […]

To The Honorable Chief Justice Of Pakistan

AFP photo   By Imad Zafar I am an ordinary citizen of this country. Like my million countrymen I am living to meet the needs of daily life for myself and my kids. My life is being spent in this country by watching different kinds of power circuses.

Accountability: We Need To Get Rid Of Double Standards

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar The Prime Minister’s family presented in front of a Joint Investigation Team and Imran Khan appearing before the Supreme Court; this is the news trending everywhere in Pakistan.

Silencing dissent: An attempt to control social media?

DPA photo   By Imad Zafar The crackdown season has started again in Pakistan, this time the target being social media activists. People who use social media to raise their voices on political and other policy matter issues are being asked to present themselves before the Federal Investigation Agency to prove they are not an […]

Trump, the Islamic Alliance and Pakistan

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar Change is the only law of nature that is and will always be constant. Civilizations can never be made stagnant nor can they be imprisoned in a certain period or specific time. Ideologies and patterns of thinking in civilizations always change with the shift in balance of power.

Ideological Battles Behind Enemy Lines

AP photo   By Imad Zafar Criticism is a healthy thing for society if the intention is to point towards the loopholes or problems. As an analyst, journalist or writer, one needs to identify the weaknesses that are prevailing in society. Quite often while criticizing or analysing situations we the journalists and writers sometimes become […]