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Fiction: Before the Bleat of Goats

By Nixon Mateulah

Fiction: Salient Wall

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh   By Mahmoud Sharif

Fiction: Dark Vicissitude

Wahabi Oluwafemi   By Onawale Femi Simeon

Fiction: Requital

By Kim Bailey Deal

Fiction: A Disaster Ahead Of You

Marius Tudor   By Chinwe O’Brien

Fiction: The Negotiation

UPI photo   By Tom Gumbert

Fiction: Keeping

By Rinita Banerjee

Fiction: Playing Hearts

By Abigail Rathbone

The Party At The End Of The World

By Robert Kilborn

Fiction: The Loneliness Of The Short Distance Walker

Seth Nenstiel   By Sarah Ito

Fiction: The Door

By Rinita Banerjee

Fiction: The Night Witches

By Iwu Jeff

Fiction: Nights With The Monster

By Iwu Jeff

Fiction: For Her Sister’s Sake

By Kaushik Chakraborty

Fiction: Waiting to be Buried

By Okeke Okechi

Fiction: ‘Smite’ and ‘300 Pounds’

David Librach   By Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Fiction: A Family Affair

Njideka Akunyili Crosby   By Seun Ajijala


By Otatade Okojie I missed her, even though it hurt like hell. Pinched at my very core, a wound so deep, a baby could tunnel its head through.

Fiction: Personal Hygiene

By Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Fiction: Poor Thief

By Nixon Mateulah

Fiction: Little Red

By Myra King

Fiction: All In Vain

By Kaushik Chakraborty

Fiction: The Ramm Heart

By JD DeHart

Fiction: Lunch Hour

By Sona Maniar

Fiction: The Communion

By Augustine Malizu

Fiction: Nay-Tivity

By Kolawole Oluwanifemi

One Teacher’s Journal

By JD DeHart Teaching in public schools is a mix of positive and negative; a well-meaning professional must guard their hearts and keep their intentions clear from day one. What follows is a series of fictionalized vignettes written with the purpose of exploring the teaching profession.

Fiction: Unbridled

By Okeke Okechi Love? Of course! It’s really blind. It feasts on whoever it wants to, regardless of certain boundaries. Most times, it crumples up into the nipples of the heart; so innocent and innocuous.

Fiction: Bantusland

By Nixon Mateulah It is not always a good-hearted man and woman that give birth to good-hearted children, and vice-versa. A long time ago, in the southern tip of Africa, a very good-hearted couple gave birth to a very good-hearted and God fearing son that changed his people’s life forever and became the darling of […]

Fiction: The Man Who Died Smiling

 By Muhammad Nasrullah Khan