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Art: Sneha Subramanian Kanta


Masterpiece damaged in National Gallery attack

PA photo   By Hazel Speed Why is it, I wonder, that periodically we hear of people trying to scar, or intend to damage beyond repair, great works of art in famous public galleries?

Art: Fractalverses

By Harshal Desai

Between Message and Martyrdom: The World Press Photo of the Year

AP photo   By Binoy Kampmark   “Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood.” Susan Sontag, On Photography (1977)

Art: The Magic of the Swarms

By Albrecht Behmel The Magic of the Swarms is a series of paintings by award-winning artist and writer Albrecht Behmel. In contemporary art, style and innovation are everything. A unique way to conjure endless elegant designs, The Magic of the Swarms merges individual forms of animals into hypnotic conglomerates of colours and shapes.

The All Encapsulating Appeal of Art

National Gallery   By Hazel Speed Whenever time affords, I love going into The National Gallery which overlooks Trafalgar Square, London.

Self Made Hero

By Hazel Speed In general terms graphic novels in former years were not easy on the older eye – the art was too busy but then again they were aimed for the youth of the day, not me.


Banksy   By Hazel Speed It is ‘a given fact’ we are all intrigued as to who Banksy is and I am even more curious than most for a different reason, but will probably never know the truth.

Photography, who sees what…cascading short thoughts

Bayo Omoboriowo   By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson   Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything – Aaron Siskind In marking the world photography day, which was marked a few days ago, I decided not […]

The UCL Festival of Culture 2016

By Michael Organ Five free days of culture UCL’s, (University College London), Festival of Culture returns this year with a programme set to showcase the rich diversity of world-class research led by staff and students in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences.

The importance of sketches

By Valentina Viskovic Sketch, the ability to express actions, space and time throughout a single drawing. One of the first steps in the creative process that carries a multitude of unknowns that needs to be developed, the foundation from which everything else arises.

Sir George Martin

By Anthony Jenkins Following the recent death of ‘Fifth Beatle’ Sir George Martin, artist Anthony Jenkins paints his own thoughts on the man 

Visual Poetry

By Alexander Limarev

The clock is ticking – only 5 days until the ALL2016 callout closes!

Tom Hackett & Julian Woodcock ‘100 yard stare’ By Sara Lerota Following the success of the Art Language Location festival ALL2015, there are high expectations for ALL2016 and the festival committee hopes not only to reach but to exceed them too!

The Garbage Revolution

By Cecilia Sandroni With The Garbage Revolution Rodolfo Lacquaniti presents himself to the public with the language of total art: installations, video-art, painting, performance, music, photography, words, gestures, live arts and poetry.

Belgrade contemporary art scene: 9 solo exhibitions at The House of King Peter the 1st

Entrance gate of The House of king Peter I in Belgrade By Sara Lerota Nine solo exhibitions were held at The House of King Peter 1st in Belgrade during December of 2015. Nine little universes, nine lives streched along the walls of the house that saw and heard so many lives before us. Nine separate […]

Interview with Artist Kenji Lim

Sara Lerota talks to award winning artist Kenji Lim about his work:

Visual Poetry: Heaveng

By Joel Chace

Photography: Movements in the Dark

  By Anna Grigorian The intangible nature of movements and light is used to express the intimate relationship between an artist and her art. Light and body movements are turned into brushes painting on light sensitive paper.


Sandra Wichman shows nature’s vibrancy through a rich array of colour, at the same time highlighting human failings and the ultimate reliance upon. The viewer is drawn deep into each world within, be it this unspoilt mystery, or a hiding place for man’s inadequacies, mistakes and consequences…

Art show to mark the Golden Jubilee of Russian Centre in New Delhi

By Jose Kalathil An exhibition of works by well-known Russian artist, Olga Okuneva, is on until 14 December as part of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC), in New Delhi.


                            Rubien Cukier’s art pierces the outer shell of mistrust taking you to a place new and old; the inner self. Thoughts clear to seeing, a reality only we can create bending straight to reveal our own attachment to detachment. No end […]


                      Maleonn’s unique art unmasks a fragile present, the failure of denial laid bare, reluctant will penetrated to believing.  Exploding images heap blood upon stage, widening dry eyes to a dream clear, missing only distortion, each question found from an answer within. We have five […]


                Gerard Stricher’s art astonishes, his eye sucking imagery explodes into the mind, offering an idea new and profound.

Maintain the rage: Rob Harle on Zen and Art

Finger Pointing At The Moon – pencil drawing Rob Harle   A long conversation with Sunil Sharma

A Fine Line from Anthony Jenkins in Canada

By Anthony Jenkins I’d like to drop a line from Canada. A few lines, actually. Meandering, searching, elegant lines, but the right lines, telling ones which I hope portray and reveal faces, well-known faces, in different and arresting ways.


                  Introduction by Michael Organ     Sheri L Wright’s photography breathes new life from that decaying, each piece providing fresh insight to art the eye often overlooks. The following five images allow us to see differently metal’s abandonment to rust and the beauty created within.


                      Introduction by Michael Organ   Bruce Maxwell’s art shines in the past of future living, his rich Maori heritage looking to a new everyday beginning. Ever present the boldness of colour blazes, from the intense brightness of nature’s bloom to the darkness hiding in […]


                        Introduction by Michael Organ    Ian MacIntyre’s art centres on the memory of experience, each showing the artist’s own everyday in a new light. Shades selected, be they paling yellow amid beaming green to piple blue rising above its own, paint perfectly the […]


                                Introduction by Michael Organ   Mario Macilau’s photography breathes truth from fire to a time lost and found in tomorrow. Belief and hope shine through despair, each image glowing with life, the photographer’s eye ever open to that hidden […]