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                      Introduction by Michael Organ   Oded Hirsch’s imagery inhabits another world of thought hugging feeling, the inner being breathing. Stills capture moments moving within film, each a stark realisation to time known from a future forgotten. Oded’s five below perfectly show a philosophy of […]


                         Introduction by Michael Organ   Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka’s art lives and breathes in musical colours, each its own song singing. Art alive to feeling, true interpretation of the soul, Majeshi allows us to become a part of, from the inside looking back in. […]


                      Introduction  by Michael Organ     Joy Jo’s art explodes to the eye, drawing the viewer to a world in mirrored staring. Its vibrancy true, colours breathe their own light on civilisation’s next and last. Live within the image moving.


                      Achim Koerfer is an artist rich in talent, a passion glowing through his own multi layered images, photography experimental in design. Interwoven are images from his latest project focusing on time and the Maya calendar, more of which can be seen via the link […]


                      Hannah Uzor’s remarkable art allows us a glimpse into her memories of growing up in Zambia. Everyday life alive on canvas, a past captured with passion and belief from an artist true to herself and time. Each piece is its own fiery delight, an […]


  Peter Seelig’s sharpened eye shows worlds in another light, another thought, often another time. Always of its own, a time however the future knows well. Presented here are five unique pieces from the artist’s sparkling portfolio, each in its own way illuminating, opening a new door to all.


      Eleanor Bennett’s sophisticated approach to her art belies her young age. Her work is shrewd, cutting edge and freshly original.

Who’s next?

By Sarah Pedramnia For a while I have been observing the response to the recently bought painting Amedeo Modigiliani’s ‘Nu couché‘ (1917-18), the second highest price painting at auction, sold for U$ 170.000.000.

Photography: Journey Through The Clouds

  By Arnab Nandi During the early monsoons of 2015 I, along with my parents, decided to take a road-trip from Shillong to Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. Most tourists hit the road during winters when the sky in this part of the country remains clear. My parents however took the decision to visit the ‘Rainiest place on […]

Photography: The Bearer Nation

  By Tendai R Mwanaka I took this photo of the Zimbabwean bearer cheques, on a coffee table, in my home, March 2013, as part of the cover suggestions for my book of essays entitled, Zimbabwe: The Blame Game, Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon, 2013.


                      Introduction by Michael Organ   Volkan Diyaroglu’s art examines the experience of a parallel everyday, its inner sky alight in esoteric expression. Colours combine to sing as one creating a new world and idea within, audibly visible to eyes only open. Everything to everybody […]


                        Introduction by Michael Organ   Solange Noir’s photography shows the beauty of outside to within, each offering a new perspective on the image the eye first disbelieves. Delight in the depth of her wonderful work and treat the mind’s eye to a fresh […]


                        Simon Crofts’ images inhabit a world of hope, their subject pained by truth,ever at the forefront of life lived in the background. Portraits can be bleak to some but offer humanity and a glimpse of what is.

Photography: ‘Human Tide’ by Michael Honegger

By Michael Honegger Below are examples of a portfolio I developed over the past year concerning the refugee crisis on the island of Lesvos in Greece.  I call the series ‘Human Tide’ and believe that it marks the beginning of a significant movement of populations in a historic moment. The wars and conflicts throughout the […]

The Painter of Modern Life

  By Robert Kilborn It was my friend Margaret van Dyck the painter who told me about the Chinese artist who, when a patron visited him in his studio to buy a painting, would without looking up from his work gesture towards the finished canvases leaning against the studio walls. And then, when his patron […]


                      Introduction by Michael Organ     Robert MacNeil’s photography sweeps through boundaries previously unknown, framing images in light the human eye fails to see. Each gives a unique perspective on the wonder around us as colours expose new found thoughts.


                  Introduction by Michael Organ   Casper ‘Cap’ Johansson’s art sparkles in a world blurred by blindness. Lost in a never ending prayer of preached progress the voiceless scream in thought against a modernity choking, each of the artist’s pieces bleeding feeling; the passion of belief breathing […]


                        Mirta Benavente’s dazzling art will astonish and astound, taking you to a reality new, each colourfully rich in beauty provoking that unthought but known. An expression of the soul from another world, always our own, the future looking back to past clues, sibylline […]


      An Mayou’s lens see the things we have yet to think. Her large, diverse catalogue of work offers an alternate perspective, the following five taking us to places rarely seen; each from the inside layers of the same simple shell.


Adrian LaRoque has the eye of the passionate observer, capturing the fleeting moments of our life before they slip away and then converting them into an expression of truth and beauty.

Lubna Taha – A journey into the art of illustration for children

  By Faten Daif Allah Arts such as painting, photography, sculpture, acting, music, singing, dancing and literature are all a source of education, nurturing imagination and tasting beauty. They nourish the soul and mind at the same time, while targeting both children and adults even if both target groups differ in materials.

African art for Africa’s people

  By Elvis Katsana The residents of Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo don’t take much interest in local Artists and their work. Buying art remains a luxury only tourists can afford, but Congolese artists are determined to make their work accessible for all.


                              Every religion on earth has its origins in culture. All systems of belief can be traced directly to a country and language but the word culture is a very inadequate way to describe the complexity of people who are bonded […]


                        Introduction by Michael Organ     Jonny Burt’s art examines the ongoing effects of media’s influence in society. Extinguishing fame’s flame the artist projects images of souls suffocating from the blindness thrust upon. Others aspire to be another but in this age only […]


                      Introduction by Michael Organ   Matilde Gattoni’s photography shows the pain of survival, from workers burning in everyday blue to refugees in the aftermath of war. Each image tells its own powerful story, a truth directly from its subject’s beating heart.


                        Introduction by Michael Organ   Guy Denning’s art originates from the heart, each a true illustration of the soul. Portraying magnificently in light what is dark the artist breathes through each pouring emotion to a canvas dripping with beauty. Looking into closed eyes […]


                         Introduction by Michael Organ   Hiroshi Watanabe’s powerful photography shines brightly in an ever darkening sea of skies falling. True to the eye the lens shows and sees all, the still of silence beating loudly to images alive with life. The five displayed […]


                        Daniele Mattioli’s images are powerful and true, an insight into humanity often clouded by worlds rich in disillusion. To the eye’s mind pictures breathe, living; a daily fight against control.  The following five from Cambodia and Shanghai show us mankind’s taking and giving. […]


                    Michel De Groot’s powerful images transport you to a reality true, an ongoing truth too real to many, the world’s eyes closed tightly from feeling. Freedom taken, the every day other side of life.


                        An eye poised, not beady but open, a new way of seeing. The world through another. Show us what you can see. World Vision ‘Through the Lens’ sponsored children in Mexico are here empowered to let others see through their eyes. A way […]