Mario Macilau

Mário Macilau was born in the newly independent Mozambique in the midst of the most critical phase of its civil war in 1984. His family struggled financially and moved from the Inhambane province to the capital, Maputo, in search of a better life. When he was 10 years old he began to work in a small market frequented by the middle / upper class, washing cars in the car park and helping to carry the groceries in an effort to support his family.

Macilau started his journey as   photographer   in   2003   and engaged to a professional level when he traded his mother’s cell phone for his first camera in 2007. He specializes in long term projects focused on living and environmental conditions over time.  As a documentary photographer he strives on the theme of positive change across different cultures, locations and perspectives. In his home country he is used confronting the realism of power, environment and cultural heritage that affects the socially isolated groups and issues that define our times.

Mario’s Photography can also be seen via his website:

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