Eleanor leonne Bennett is a fifteen year old photographer and artist who has won contests National Geographic, Woodland Trust, The World Photography Organisation, Winston’s Wish, Papworth Trust, Mencap, Big Issue, Wrexham Science, Fennel and Fern and Nature’s Best Photography. She has had her photographs published in exhibitions and magazines around the world including Guarding, RSPB birds, RSPB bird life, Dot Dot Dash, Alabama Coast, Alabama Seaport and NG kids magazine (the most popular kid’s magazine in the world). She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See the Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity 2010. She is also the only visual artist published in The Taj Mahal Review June 2011 as well as the youngest artist displayed Charnwood Arts Vision ’09 exhibtion and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition. You can view more of her extraordinary photographs here: eleanorleonnebennett



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