Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko

Mariska is a writer, poet and motivational speaker. She is one of the Directors of Ghana Organisation for Learning and Development, (GOLD) a registered Charity in the U.K. aiming to assist women and children in the rural areas of Ghana, in addition to being the founder of Yes Group Ghana, a motivational group involved in empowering the youth.

      Her first motivational book, “The Secret to Detoxifying Your Life and Love”, has been published and is available as a paperback from  and as an ebook from  and and She also has a collection of poetry in a book called “Rhythms of Poetry in Motion, Vol 1” and a children’s story called “The Iced Water Seller “ both available as an ebook from and is in the process of writing one film script, one novel and a collection of children’s stories.      

      Mariska’s poems have also been featured on which is an online poetry site several times and she has also been published, in Jambo, an East African magazine. She also has a blog page



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