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What is rude for most Arabs…is not Trump’s handshake

EPA photo   By Ahmed Tharwat Lots of debate and media coverage preceded and followed President Trump’s visit to the Saudi kingdom. Anxieties and expectations filled the air. Trump, who has been behaving like a royal frat boy all his life, was visiting Saudi royalty in his first official overseas visit.

What do Egyptians call their dictator?: El Sisi visits the US

Reuters photo   By Ahmed Tharwat Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is coming to visit the US in the first week of April. No, this is not an April Fool’s but it is the meeting of fools. The visit is the first official state visit for the Egyptian general at the invitation of President Trump.

Trump is the el-Sisi of America

AFP photo   By Ahmed Tharwat General el-Sisi, in one of his bizarre revelations, told the Egyptian people that he is blessed by a divine wisdom. Everyone laughed, social media exploding with jokes and satirical postings, but apparently, Donald Trump isn’t laughing. He agrees with what General el-Sisi says and does!

Justice, Security and Rule of Law: Vladimir Putin’s MENA

Joseph Eid/AFP   By Cynthia M. Lardner The Russian Federation is no longer the superpower as that term was defined post-World War II. After the illegal annexation of Crimea and its aggressions in Ukraine, the West suspended Russia’s G8 membership and imposed vast economic sanctions devastating the ruble. By most accounts this left Russia a […]

Police Brutality… from Cairo to Minneapolis

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat You know the situation here is bad when family and friends in Egypt are worried about me because of police brutality and not Islamophobia. The latest tragic shooting of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge is changing the conversation and debate on police brutality and racism in this […]

Egypt: Hundreds disappeared and tortured amid wave of brutal repression

AFP photo   By Amnesty International Egypt’s National Security Agency (NSA) is abducting, torturing and forcibly disappearing people in an effort to intimidate opponents and wipe out peaceful dissent, said human rights NGO Amnesty International in a damning new report published today which highlights an unprecedented spike in enforced disappearances since early 2015.

The day Egypt lost its virginity

By Ahmed Tharwat Last week two events took place in Egypt that shed some light on the paranoid fascist system that is running the country right now.

DRC and Egypt promote bilateral relations

By Darell Maurice In addition to the unwavering support of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to the DRC stabilization efforts, it has been confirmed that the new Suez Canal will be connected to the Grand Inga.

Notes from America: The Condom Uprising in Egypt!

By Ahmed Tharwat “You should wear a condom on every conceivable occasion” goes the saying, with one exception, never during the Egyptian National Police Day, a day that was overshadowed five years ago by the January 25th Revolution….. For the recent Police Day, the hype reached a new hysterical and bizarre level considering all the atrocities […]