Mosul: Before and After ISIS

Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters



Rafah Al Saad


The battle for the west side of Mosul is very important not only for Iraq but for the whole world as Mosul is one of the biggest strongholds for ISIS, the Iraqi military and Shia militia also participating in the battle of Mosul.

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Justice, Security and Rule of Law: Putin’s backing the Afghani Taliban

AFP photo



Cynthia M. Lardner

Many different radicalized extremist groups operate in Afghanistan, including the Afghan Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. While ISIS and the Taliban share an ultraconservative interpretation of Islam with the avowed purpose of advancing radicalized Islam, the difference stops there. Whereas ISIS and al-Qaeda have adopted a global jihad against all nonbelievers, called apostates, the Taliban is focused on control in Afghanistan, viewing ISIS leaders and foreign fighters as intruders.

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Combatting Violent Extremism

Francois Lenoir/Reuters



Cynthia M. Lardner

The fight against violent extremism is being fought by a shift in global consciousness resulting in a collective effort by governments, NGOs and stakeholders, including individuals at the local level. Radicalized extremism, which has nothing to do with religion, is an ideology founded on inducing fear of imagined or future danger. It is a feeling, not an action. Simply stated, extremism is psychological warfare.

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Let them fight: ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban



Sattar Rind

One can hardly believe that all three world renowned and dangerous terrorist organisations are currently at extreme loggerheads and quarrelling, killing each other’s fellow commanders in Afghanistan; each attempting to gain the upper hand over one another.

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The Myth of Lessons Learned




Sattar Rind

Does anyone learn from history? I guess not, as it seems to be a preverbal axiom, everyone phrasing it solely for the sake of dictum without understanding the corporal meaning of concealed or revealed persuasion it requires most.

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ISIS: Another threat for the world?




Muhammad Waqas Awan

Over the last fifteen years the world has faced the huge challenge of Al Qaeda and Talibanisation, yet the issue remains unresolved. Most countries have been badly damaged by these organisations but the war still continues.

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