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Silencing dissent: An attempt to control social media?

DPA photo   By Imad Zafar The crackdown season has started again in Pakistan, this time the target being social media activists. People who use social media to raise their voices on political and other policy matter issues are being asked to present themselves before the Federal Investigation Agency to prove they are not an […]

Media, Activists and the violent narrative

Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters   By Prince Charles Dickson In recent times the Nigerian news media and social media feeds are bombarded with images of spectacular extremist violence and increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric from politicians and pundits. This coverage warrants a close look, as public discourse sinks to new lows in justifying violence against entire racial […]

Missing Nation

Fareed Khan/AP   By Imad Zafar ‘Hang the blasphemers, kill them, stone them to death,’ these are the slogans that are being used these days on social media and heard in public and private conversations. Since the bloggers and activists went missing, even scholars and anchors from the mainstream media are also demanding the death […]

ActionAid Senegal and Youth Activists celebrate International Youth Day

By Alpha Jallow As youths constitutes the greatest portion of society, ActionAid Senegal believes that youth issues are at the heart of concerns of the authorities and community actors. Youth constitutes the largest segment of global society, making an intervention objective becoming a priority for policy makers or for international and national organizations. This formed […]

Amnesty India closes offices, postpones events after sedition accusation

Abhishek Chinnappa/Reuters   By Nita Bhalla Amnesty International India has temporarily closed its offices and postponed events aimed at raising awareness of rights abuses over safety concerns for its staff after the charity was accused of sedition by protesters, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Iranian women’s rights activists treated as ‘enemies of the state’ in renewed crackdown

By Amnesty International The Iranian authorities have intensified their repression of women’s rights activists in the country in the past six months carrying out a series of harsh interrogations accusing activists of being “spies” who seek the “overthrow” of the government.

Don’t buy mica from child workers, Indian officials tell traders

Ahmad Masood/Reuters   By Rina Chandran Indian officials appealed to local traders on Tuesday to stop buying mica mined by child workers, as the government comes under pressure from activists to clamp down on child labour.

Angélique Kidjo & African youth activists honoured with international award

By Amnesty International World-renowned musician Angélique Kidjo and three inspirational African youth activist movements have been declared this year’s joint winners of the prestigious Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award for 2016.

Concerned expressed over sentencing of activists in the DRC

By Byobe Malenga Following the conviction of six LUCHA activists to two years in prison for “disobedience to authority” by the tribunal of the Grand Jury of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the defense team are now seeking an annulment of the verdict.

The day Egypt lost its virginity

By Ahmed Tharwat Last week two events took place in Egypt that shed some light on the paranoid fascist system that is running the country right now.

Universities strike in DRC following arrest of students and activists

By Darell Maurice Students from at least five universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo city Goma from Wednesday ceased any academic activity to demand the release of six students, and militants of youth movement LUCHA, (Struggle For Change), arrested earlier this week.