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International film award for leading Serbian actor Slaven Došlo

Alina Kisina   By Marcus Agar International acclaim is stacking up for Serbian actor SLAVEN DOŠLO, who earned an Angela Award for his outstanding acting performance in Next to Me / Pored Mene.

Belgrade director Filip Kovacevic delivers stylish Serbian action film Incarnation

By Marcus Agar With his debut feature, Incarnation, young Serbian director Filip Kovacevic has crafted a visually striking thriller that can stand proud among Hollywood equals.

Theatre of the absurd

By Ananya S Guha A film actor refused a visa to attend a literary festival in Pakistan, now goes on the rampage. He wants to go to NIT Srinagar which is now in the midst of a controversy, the students polarized into ‘locals’ and ‘outsiders’. Thank God that it is not for once Hindus and […]

Award winning actor Slaven Došlo joins hit TV series

By Marcus Agar Actor Slaven Došlo has enrolled as a young army recruit in successful Serbian TV series Vojna Akademija (Military Academy).