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Amina’s defeat a personal blow to Uhuru Kenyatta

By Joe Khamisi Two significant events occurred this week in the eastern African region that stewed emotions and anger of Kenyans in equal measure.

Interview with Anant Mishra

  Michael Organ interviews Anant Mishra, human rights and political commentator, prolific author and former youth representative to the United Nations.

Kenya announce plan to close down two refugee camps

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters   By Dukhan Jundit The Government of the Republic of Kenya has moved to close down soon the Kakuma and Dadaab refugees camps.


By Nene Tetteh Adusu

Inside Boko Haram: An Era of Extremism and Regional Instability

By Anant Mishra Introduction Nigeria has a history of Islamist sects within its borders. Not all have been violent movements, some existing peacefully in parallel with the state. And not all of Nigeria’s violent sects are Islamist; one such is the Ombatse cult, which clashed with security forces in Nasarawa state in May 2013.

Open letter to Sibuor, descendant of Kenyan soil!

  By Judy Amunga-Ndibo Mheshimiwa, Jakom, Jatelo, Sibuor! All these names in our national Kiswahili language and your native Dholuo tribe simply mean that you are great! No ordinary man! No mere mortal! Bulls are being slaughtered in your honour! A brew has been made in your honour! Government budgets are being broken to meet […]

Ugandan rebel group leader Jamil Mukulu arrested in Tanzania

  By Sylvain Muyali Jamil Mukulu, head of the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces (ADF / NALU) rebel group, has been arrested in the locality of Kagezi, situated on the border between the Republic of Kenya and Tanzania.

By second guessing on the Anti-Terror law, could the US be interfering in Kenya’s internal affairs?

  By Joe Khamisi The usually friendly but fragile relations between the United States and Kenya turned lukewarm this past week when the two countries appeared to differ on matters of security.

Be aware Nkaissery, what happened to Ole Lenku could happen to you

  By Joe Khamisi Unless something unthinkable happens – either he turns down the appointment or Parliament refuses to approve – Joseph Nkaissery is certainly headed to the Office of the President as the second Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordinator of the National Government.

The buck stops with you, Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta

By Joe Khamisi Once again, Kenyans are asking questions about their safety. And the questions are genuine. Angered by the latest attack in Mandera in which 28 innocent Kenyans were murdered by Al Shabaab, the citizens are, once again, raising pertinent queries about their Government’s ability or inability to deal with terrorism.