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Left Or Right?

Manan Vatsyayan/AFP   By Ananya S Guha I never know the right from the left. But in political discourses you have to know this distinction, because the two across endless roads of debate will never meet.


Daniel B. Ranee   By Ananya S Guha

Feint of Technology

Jayanta Dey/Reuters   By Ananya S Guha I am not an economist so I will not be able to critique the effects of demonetisation in India. Learned pundits including economists have given and are continuing to give their views.

Not That I Love Caesar Less…

By Ananya S Guha   God save the country   It seems the concept of freedom fighters is reshaped and redesigned. Anyone shouting against another is a freedom fighter. Anyone raising the slogan of Bharat Mata is a freedom fighter, pitchforking this idea into a new analogy of love and martyrdom. Anyone dissenting is questioned […]

Where Have All The Awards Gone?

John Cohen   By Ananya S Guha There seems to be some debate about the legendary Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel award. The purists feel that a musician should not be awarded an honour for literature.


Vinod Munna   By Ananya S Guha

Symbolism And Myth

Rouf Bhat/AFP   By Ananya S Guha We are a nation of symbols. Symbolism works in every aspect of our nation. But the symbolism is outside, within there are contradictions.

The Memory Of Independence Day

Nicholas Vreeland   By Ananya S Guha Considering America has a history of about 240 years and Great Britain of course almost since primordial times, an independence of 69 years, perhaps is still a situation which is nascent. But with every August 15th there are murmurs as to how the nation has ‘progressed’, whether the […]


Prashant Godbole   By Ananya S Guha

News Or No News

By Ananya S Guha Soon all the talk on floods will shift to newer pastures. There are enough of them in India. In between of course the GST held centre stage and the debate appears to be resolved at least for the time being, not of course without conditions, and prior conditions, and of course […]

Terror of the time

AP photo   By Ananya S Guha Instead of continuously harping on the same theme, blaming Pakistan, and playing this game for decades, it is time that the Government seriously tries to resolve the Kashmir issue. And this cannot be done by sending the Indian Army which does not draw any boundaries in dealing with […]

What Will Time Tell?

Ahmed Khan   By Ananya S Guha I have never felt so lacerated, inside I mean. But what does it mean you may ask. I mean torn inside, guilty, angry, hurt all within. But I know life will or must continue, writers will write poems or stories, rave and rant at governments and people. What […]

One God, One Humanity

By Ananya S Guha What happens if a preacher talks about his religion and apparently ‘inspires’ some youth to go and commit acts of terror? How do we account for the fact that his preaching, his sermons have aroused brutal atavistic passions?

Breaking Impregnable Walls

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters   By Ananya S Guha The report on Britain and the United States’ intervention in Iraq is now an official document. It can now be interpreted and conclusions can be drawn, inferences made. Prior to that things were on the basis of speculation.

Fearing The Human Race

Reuters photo   By Ananya S Guha We had Orlando, Istanbul, Dhaka, Baghdad and Medina, all at a time when the holy month of fasting was on. The closest to home was Dhaka, where a hapless Indian student along with nineteen others were hacked to death.

History or International Relations?

Reuters photo   By Ananya S Guha I remember in school in one of our units on World History we also had to study International Relations during the times of Bismarck or Hitler. And that for a class eleven students wasn’t that easy. But that was a part of World or European History today. Perhaps […]


Tommy Ingberg   By Ananya S Guha

Silent Anarchy

Arvind Yadav   By Ananya S Guha The other day I read in the newspapers how an Indian lady fought for the rights of street children.

Free Fall

Craig Rubadoux   By Ananya S Guha The Orlando shooting has devastated many lives and stunned both the United States and the world into remorseful silence. That the victims were gay people does not of course attenuate the tragedy, but begs the question: was it by design that people in a gay club were targeted?

Distance Education In The Not Too Distant Future

By Ananya S Guha The other day when the board class ten results were declared a neighbour mentioned that her domestic help’s maid’s daughter had failed her examinations and the father beat the girl up.

Who Will Expiate For Whose Sins?

Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud/Reuters   By Ananya S Guha World leaders are expiating for sins. Not theirs, but for their country’s, through the passage of time.

As The Truth Unfolds…

By Ananya S Guha Everyone is now talking about the results of the elections in four or five states. Some have gone into a rigorous analysis about the victory of the BJP and the AGP in Assam, the loss of the Congress and the decimation of the Left Front in West Bengal.


By Ananya S Guha

The Aberration That Is India!

By Ananya S Guha As an academic I feel rather insecure at the grisly turn of events in the academic institutions in the India of today. While I am not going to go into the JNU events specifically my mind is disturbed at the kind of damage that is being done to academia and the […]

Poetry: Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Ananya S Guha

Watery Cricket

By Ananya S Guha The decision of an Indian High court to shift premises of the IPL because of drought conditions, and also because of water scarcity has been debated by many including former cricketers and icons. Some of the arguments run on these lines: why only cricket as a sport has been chosen, what […]

Power Of Love, Not Love Of Power!

REUTERS/Adnan Abidi (INDIA)   By Ananya S Guha A reappraisal of ‘what is power’ is now at a critical juncture in the country when people are fed up with corruption in all forms manifest itself.

Theatre of the absurd

By Ananya S Guha A film actor refused a visa to attend a literary festival in Pakistan, now goes on the rampage. He wants to go to NIT Srinagar which is now in the midst of a controversy, the students polarized into ‘locals’ and ‘outsiders’. Thank God that it is not for once Hindus and […]

The Saga of Patriotism

By Ananya S Guha Patriotism is a word difficult to define or condense into a meaning or typology of it. When I or someone says that she or he is patriotic it brings to mind a love for the country, a love for everything that goes with the country. But does it bring along a […]


By Ananya S Guha