Armenia: the small country that looms large in chess


Rupen Savoulian

Chess is not the top sports news item in English-speaking countries, but it is a huge deal in Armenia.

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Girls For Sale: Child Trafficking in India




Padmini Dutta Sharma

As a human rights activist I routinely visited the villages and slum areas of India and other adjoining countries. I was stunned to see the paradigm shift in lifestyle of some families when I visited them over the course of just one year. People who literally lived in dungeons, all clamouring in a single room suddenly boasted of colour TVs and double door refrigerators.

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Photography: Movements in the Dark




Anna Grigorian

The intangible nature of movements and light is used to express the intimate relationship between an artist and her art. Light and body movements are turned into brushes painting on light sensitive paper. Continue reading “Photography: Movements in the Dark”