The UCL Festival of Culture 2017


Michael Organ


80 free events over 6 days


UCL’s, (University College London), Festival of Culture returns this year with a programme set to showcase the rich diversity of world-class research led by staff and students in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences.

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Editorial: Tuck Magazine 2016




Tuck Magazine had a record breaking 2016, publishing an increased number of articles as each month progressed, easily surpassing the achievements of the year before.

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Art: The Magic of the Swarms

Albrecht Behmel Tuck Magazine


Albrecht Behmel

The Magic of the Swarms is a series of paintings by award-winning artist and writer Albrecht Behmel. In contemporary art, style and innovation are everything. A unique way to conjure endless elegant designs, The Magic of the Swarms merges individual forms of animals into hypnotic conglomerates of colours and shapes.

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