No sympathy was shown to Diane Abbott

BBC photo



Hazel Speed

It was by pure chance that I happened to hear the radio interview this morning with Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, then later on, was most surprised to see her being interviewed on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

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The Last Night of the Proms – Post Brexit

Leon Neal/AFP



Hazel Speed

It is with great pride I write my own account of watching The Last Night of The Proms on BBC television this evening (Saturday 10th September 2016) – the 122nd such event since initiated by Sir Henry Wood, its Founder.

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Sir Mark Tully: Legend of Journalism, Radio and the BBC


An interview by Ratnesh Dwivedi 


This was my first chance to meet Mark Tully in person. I had interviewed him before over the telephone for a community radio station I set up in my previous organization in 2014. A magnificent personality, an excellent welcome and polished Hindi makes Mark Tully what he was in yesteryears and what he is today.

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Balochistan, China and India



Sattar Rind

Balochistan in the southwest of Pakistan is the largest province by area, representing 44% of the country’s total land mass, while at the same time constituting only 5% of Pakistan‘s total populace of 200 million.

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The Greatest Beats Of Your Heart: Ghiya Rushidat


New, Old, Undiscovered or World Renowned; The Five Records You Can Always Turn To

Continuing the series of music articles in which individuals select five records particularly special to them, we today feature film composer and pianist Ghiya Rushidat‘s own selections and present the latest instalment of Tuck Magazine’s ‘The Greatest Beats of Your Heart’.

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