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David Cameron – that’s a bit rich coming from you!

PA photo   By Hazel Speed The other day, whilst watching the television coverage in respect to the unveiling of the new Monument at Horseguards to honour the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan, I noticed that at the end of the formal ceremony, whilst guests were mingling, there was a political ‘clutch’ of Mother Hens […]

Observations of an Expat: The Brexit Elephant

Reuters photo   By Tom Arms There was a massive elephant in the British House of Commons on Wednesday. It was rampaging back and forth across the chamber, overturning tables, loudly trumpeting and waving his trunk from side to side. Its name was Brexit.

The Budget: Head vs Heart?

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed The live UK Budget broadcast had a most surprising twist for this writer, but first let us consider the presentations in the order they took place. I leave the fine detail to the link herein but rather, my observations were as follows.

Padding and the illusionary leadership across our nation

By Ogunniyi Abayomi Nigeria, a country of vast human and natural resources propagates under the illusionary belief that the solution to the challenges that bite the country are placed in the hands of our politicians.

In a ‘padded’ nation, no one is responsible

State House Photo   By Prince Charles Dickson This week, my admonition would be on the recurring subject of corruption in Nigeria…without sounding repetitive like the proverbial broken record, I would look at it from a nation’s inability and refusal to take responsibility. For starters, let me share the following story…

Ghana seeks Economic Reforms in the wake of Crude Oil prices falling

  By Charles Ayitey Ghana, the second largest economy in West Africa is looking to gain some leeway from what’s been predicted as an ‘economic meltdown’ due to the overwhelming loss of revenue shortfall of approximately $700 million out of the designated $1.2 billion in the previous year’s budget.