Bad Appraisal = Good Opportunity


Siddhartha Rastogi

You just came out of your yearly appraisal furious, red faced, spelling out names to your line manager and dotted line manager. You believed that you worked so hard, burnt your midnight oil for this, honestly for this! Almost negligible bonus, no hike, no promotion, etc, etc.

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World Bank’s projects to enhance Bangladeshi financial institutions

Reuters photo



Sheuli Akter

Due to limited capacity and market constraints, Bangladesh’s local financial institutions traditionally could not meet the longer-term financing demand for infrastructure investments in the country.

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Taiwan keen on bettering ties with India

Reuters photo



Jose Kalathil

The island country of Taiwan having a population of 23 million is keen on strengthening relations with the second largest economy in Asia, in the fields of trade, tourism, education, culture and business.

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