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Cameroon: An open letter

Reuters photo   By Joseph Besong   An Open Letter to the President Of The National Episcopal Conference Of Cameroon (NECC) – Archbishop Samuel Kleda

Missionary work in Cameroon’s Nchang, Mamfe

OFM photo   By Joseph Besong We celebrate great men and women in the field of science but rarely do we attribute significance progress in the work of great men and women who sacrifice and continue to do so for the sake of their missionary work.

Cameroonian Moken Nunga and his exploits in the music industry

Photo/Daniel Nunga   By Joseph Besong Music plays a very significant role in the lives of Africans. Many do music for fun and the love of it. Many talents are not discovered in the continent of Africa because of poverty and a lack of infrastructure. In Africa, many artists can’t afford a livelihood because of […]

An Open Letter to First Lady Chantal Biya: The Anglophone Crisis

AFP photo   By Joseph Besong   The First Lady of Cameroon H.E Madam Chantal Biya has been presented with an open letter. Biya’s deaf ear to calls from the religious, traditional, and politicians has caused others to try another option, that of passing through the first lady. Below is the open letter.

The Success of Cameroon at Afcon 2017

Gabriel Bouys/AFP   By Ennin Kwaku Godfred   The 5 Important Lessons for all.

Indomitable Lions of Cameroon Crowned African Champions

Sidney Mahlangu   By Joseph Besong The game of football has gone a long way to present Africa in a positive image. For two weeks the continent’s finest professionals, amateur and home based players, marked their presence at the African Cup of Nations in Gabon, big names like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Cameroon, and […]

Cameroon President’s speech fails to address the nation

Bertrand Guay/AFP   By Joseph Besong Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon, has been at the helm of power for more than three decades. Many believe Cameroon is a haven of peace in Africa and the world at large. Recent unrest in the minority English region of Cameroon is an indication that things are not […]

QRC Okoyong, Cameroon celebrates its diamond jubilee

By Joseph Besong Queen of the Holy Rosary College (QRC) Okoyong was the first girls’ secondary school in Cameroon. QRC Okoyong was created by the Missionary sisters of Holy Rosary from Ireland in 1956. During this time the place of the female child in Cameroon was the kitchen while their male counterpart went to school […]

Challenges facing Anglophones in Cameroon

AP photo   By Joseph Besong Anglophones are the English speaking Cameroonians. It’s worth noting here that the English and French were the former colonial masters of Cameroon.

Regional armies struggle in last push against Boko Haram

Luc Gnago/Reuters   By Joe Bavier “You’ll all be able to go home soon. Boko Haram is nearly finished,” Niger’s Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum told a crowd of refugees seated quietly on dusty, sun-baked flats.

Interview with GreenAid executive director Tabi Joda

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache Executive director of GreenAid International, Tabi Joda, is from Northen Nigeria. With GreenAid, an international organization, Tabi Joda wants to involve more women in waste management in Northen Nigeria.

Inside Boko Haram: An Era of Extremism and Regional Instability

By Anant Mishra Introduction Nigeria has a history of Islamist sects within its borders. Not all have been violent movements, some existing peacefully in parallel with the state. And not all of Nigeria’s violent sects are Islamist; one such is the Ombatse cult, which clashed with security forces in Nasarawa state in May 2013.

Discussing ‘Peace and Security Co-operation’ in Central Africa

  By Anant Mishra International Geography The United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) comprises of ten countries: Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe. Each of these sovereign nations is also part of the Economic Community for Central African […]

Africa looks forward to scaling agricultural innovations

  By Alpha Jallow Experts believe that well conceptualised technologies can yield immense social economic benefits and impacts.

Photography: The Bearer Nation

  By Tendai R Mwanaka I took this photo of the Zimbabwean bearer cheques, on a coffee table, in my home, March 2013, as part of the cover suggestions for my book of essays entitled, Zimbabwe: The Blame Game, Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon, 2013.