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Britain’s Shame: IICSA child sex abuse inquiry public hearings under way

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed I watched the commencement of this Hearing, television preamble interviews and discussion. It is a shocking indictment against all the perpetrators involved.

Islamic Liberation Theology, Why Not?

Susan Baaghil/Reuters   By Sami Jamil Jadallah If anyone thinks that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a social and theological liberation revolutionary, they had better think twice.

Italy finally approves civil unions – but already there is opposition

(It is time to be “civilized” #WakeUpItaly) By Aurora M. Granata May 2016: Italy approved Civil Unions After Thirty Years of Struggle. But Someone Is Already Asking for a Referendum to Abolish Them. Finally, after thirty years of struggles on the part of some Italian associations, the Italian government officially approved on May 11, 2016 the […]

Catholic Church in DRC denounces appointment of new electoral commission head

By Darell Maurice The influential Catholic Church last week criticised the choice of new head of the commission responsible for organising the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, just over a year before the next presidential election.

Pope Francis and the visit to Africa

By Adisa Amanor Wilks Pope Francis is heading back to Italy after visiting three African countries. With stops in Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic, the Pope has been speaking about climate change, poverty, peace and security, corruption and greed.

Catholic Church suggest postponing local elections in DRC

By Darell Maurice Gathered during their 52nd full assembly in Kinshasa, members of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) recommended that local elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, both municipal and urban, scheduled for January 2016, be deferred until 2017.

The Tetanus Vaccine Controversy: Kenya should suspend the campaign

  By Joe Khamisi When the HIV first surfaced in the early 1980s, a finger was pointed at chimpanzees in West Africa as the source. That theory was given much credence by scientists at the Fourth International Conference on the HIV/AIDS in Sweden in 1988, which I attended.