To Our Shame – A challenge to Politicians

Dylan Martinez/Reuters



Hazel Speed

Some years ago when returning to London for a day, (having lived in Central London previously), I was quite moved by the number of homeless, yet again, and I also observed the worst notice I had ever seen, particularly aimed at these poor people. It was in an Office window. I returned about a week later with a camera to put that ‘on record’ but was relieved to see it had been removed.

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The Last Night of the Proms – Post Brexit

Leon Neal/AFP



Hazel Speed

It is with great pride I write my own account of watching The Last Night of The Proms on BBC television this evening (Saturday 10th September 2016) – the 122nd such event since initiated by Sir Henry Wood, its Founder.

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RSS – The Only Original Indian Organization Behind India’s Hinduist Nationalist Face and Reigning Government


Ratnesh Dwivedi

RSS – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh initiated movements be they social-reformist or anti-secessionist – evoke a ready response and approbation from the common multitudes as well as from vast numbers of the elite of different shades.

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The Uganda Village Project


Johnson Grace Maganja

The Uganda Village Project (UVP), a charitable organisation, has been working with the people of Iganga to promote public health and sustainable development in rural communities since 2003. Johnson Grace Maganja had an exclusive interview with UVP Executive Director Leslie Stroud-Romero.

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INGOs: Enemies in Disguise




Sabena Siddiqi

‘Save the Children’ is an international NGO working in Pakistan since 1979, purportedly assisting children and families in the aftermath of emergencies such as floods, etc. Last week, the Government of Pakistan announced closure of the organisation’s offices throughout the country for its activities against the State of Pakistan.

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