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A MINUSTAH Mission Evaluation: UN Peacekeeper Abuse

AP photo   By Ricardo Swire In March 2017 the United Nations Secretary-General advised MINUSTAH, the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, that their numbers will be reduced from approximately five thousand personnel.

Child victims of peacekeeper sex abuse say UN never helped them

Sylvain Leichti/UN   By Code Blue Shocking new revelations about what happened to little boys sexually abused in the Central African Republic by peacekeepers, three years ago, were revealed in a Code Blue Campaign press conference.

In South Africa, boys are more likely to be sexually abused than girls

Brian Snyder/Reuters   By Alex Whiting Boys are slightly more likely to be sexually abused than girls in South Africa, where a third of all children have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime, according to the first-ever national study of child maltreatment.

Pakistan’s Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

  By Sattar Rind A few days ago in the daily newspapers of Pakistan news emerged that a gang of twenty five people had been making pornographic videos of children between the ages of six and sixteen. The abuse was said to have taken place in the village of Husain Khanwala in the Pakistani Kasur […]