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A Beacon of Justice, Security and Rule of Law: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Frank Augstein/AP   By Cynthia M. Lardner German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is widely viewed as the most powerful woman not only in the EU but in the world. Today, Ms. Merkel is confronted with widespread criticism primarily from fringe groups in Germany threatening Germany’s long-standing status as being a leader in justice, security and […]

Unity in Diversity?

Israel Ophori   By David Adejumo It can be said that Nigeria has been in a vicious cycle of tribalism, nepotism, ethnicity, religious chauvinism and sentimentalism after over 100 years when the Entity called Nigeria was formed, although there were both negative and positive motives to the so called amalgamation which will be discussed later. […]

The Religion of Conscience

By Ogunniyi Abayomi John was a Christian who adhered to the teachings of Jesus Christ, he was observed on the lousy streets of Lagos reading the Bible and preaching on the basis of repentance that all might inherit the kingdom of God. John was apprehended by the anti-graft agency for an alledged financial crime and […]

Restructuring Nigeria…a problem for critical thinkers

By Prince Charles Dickson Okay, I am from Plateau state, and the real issue aside from many little squabbles in the 2015 General Elections was that we were not going to allow the Berom ethnic nation to continue the domination, eight years later it was the Musheres from Bokkos. We argued and debated that there […]

Northern Nigeria And The Extremist Theory

By Akor Emmanuel It was first envisaged in 1914 that the life span of the then to be created entity called Nigeria was 100 years. In October 2014 that period elapsed and at the time, the problems bedeviling Nigeria were overbearingly large with the issue of the islamist terrorist group ‘Boko Haram’ taking center stage.

Notes from America: Muslims and Christians – At war in life, at peace in death

By Ahmed Tharwat   The Coptic Grave On a hot summer afternoon, standing alongside a few hundred Muslims at the Garden of Eden Islamic Cemetery located in a remote corner of a Christian cemetery in Burnsville, Minnesota, mourning the death of one of our friends, the reverences and respect were not given just by Muslims, […]

Dear corporate media – Radovan Karadzic is a European Christian terrorist

By Rupen Savoulian The title above is intended to be deliberately provocative, and it is not original either.

Observations of an Expat: Muslim Murders

By Tom Arms Assad Shah was a popular man. People popped into his open-all-hours Glasgow shop for a chat as often as they did for a carton of milk.

Notes from America: Holidiversity: Ramadan dinner with the inspection team

By Ahmed Tharwat Later this week, it is the first time in a long time that Christians and Muslims across the globe will have one thing in common, celebrating the birth of their consecutive prophets. Mawlid al-Nabi (birth of the prophet) is celebrated by Muslims at the same time as Christmas is for Christians. With all the […]

The Islamic Egypt

By Wael El-Manzalawy Islamic parties won the elections in Algeria, but they were deprived of their triumph by a military coup. America occupied Iraq and the Islamic State appeared for the first time to fight against America and the Iraqi Shia who were in alliance with America.

The Shia Factor

  By Sabena Siddiqi Pakistan has a 96.4 percent Muslim population, of which 85-90 percent is Sunni and 10-15 percent Shia. This is a substantial Shia population, the largest being in Iran. Elsewhere in Pakistan, 1.85 percent of the population are Hindus and 1.6 percent Christians.

Is there a peace partner in Israel?

  By Fadi Elhusseini The peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis has again ground to a halt, each party blaming the other for this unfortunate failure.


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