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The Truth about Trump’s Promises on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Job Creation

Reuters photo   By Cynthia M. Lardner The Trump administration’s promises to reform the Environmental Protection Agency, to scale back on environmental laws and regulations, and to exit the Paris Agreement on Climate Change omit any explanation of the legal processes involved.

Changing political economics in Europe: Leaving the energy mark

By Anant Mishra Introduction The much talked of European Energy policy–or “European Energy Union” was always in the minds of heads of European Union member states. But due to their lack of lack of political will, the idea did not proceed. That has now changed and “once deliberately discussed in EU parliament” is heading to […]

Addressing the Power Play: Re-examining the European Energy Policy

By Anant Mishra Introduction  The Energy Policy is one of the most pressing issues in international relations, especially in the much industrialised and globalised world.

Current scenario in the Indian Power Sector

  By Sandhya Sutodia Empowering the country’s power sector entails a close look when it comes to throwing light on factors denying a plug between demand and supply. This becomes more pronounced when the glittering statistics of having notched up the fifth position in power generation fails to lighten the burden, electrify villages and enlighten […]

Balochistan, China and India

By Sattar Rind Balochistan in the southwest of Pakistan is the largest province by area, representing 44% of the country’s total land mass, while at the same time constituting only 5% of Pakistan‘s total populace of 200 million.