Silencing dissent: An attempt to control social media?

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Imad Zafar

The crackdown season has started again in Pakistan, this time the target being social media activists. People who use social media to raise their voices on political and other policy matter issues are being asked to present themselves before the Federal Investigation Agency to prove they are not an agent or working against national interest.

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The Origin of Religion

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Siddhartha Rastogi

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Power of the Media in this Modern World


Muhammad Shoaib Khan

The power of the media cannot be negated in the modern world. This power can be utilized for development in every aspect of life. Developed countries do not need to do so because they have already achieved their objectives with the help of media. However, developing countries such as Pakistan still need to figure out the best possible way to utilize this power to its maximum potential.

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Control money and you control the individual


Hazel Speed

Having listened to BBC Radio 4 regarding Sweden’s Central Bank and its plans to consider digital banking, thereby eventually abolishing cash completely, I think this will be the most worrying political sea-change, just when we thought we had seen it all in the last couple of years with the UK Referendum (Brexit) and its American style metaphorical equivalent, albeit within a different arena.

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Obama’s Africa policy: An expanding military footprint to grab resources

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Rupen Savoulian

US President Barack Obama, the first African American to occupy the White House, has used his part-African background to leverage influence in the continent of his ancestors.

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The Real Danger

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Don Krieger

Six weeks after 9/11, the Patriot Act passed, granting police and federal authorities broad rights to search and hold American citizens without due process. As a nation, we willingly submitted to this sacrifice of our freedoms, and so handed our tormentors a far greater victory than they could have imagined.

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Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Your Community


Cynthia M. Lardner

The young lady doing your manicure, the young boy picking blueberries, your neighbor’s housekeeping, the hotel maid, the man harvesting grapes, the young man delivering flyers to your house, and the worker at the dry cleaners all have something in common:  they are the victims of human trafficking.

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