Drought Crisis In Kenya

Stephen Morrison/EPA



Cynthia Meru

The #EmbraceAFamily Campaign by the Kenya Red Cross Society is appealling to all Kenyans, Partners and Stakeholders to join them and help tackle the ongoing drought crisis by supporting one family for a month by donating 3000 Kenya Shillings.

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Starvation looms for 6 million children in Horn of Africa

Feisal Omar

Feisal Omar/Reuters



Katy Migiro

Hunger, malnutrition and death threaten 6.5 million children in the impoverished drylands of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya due to back-to-back droughts, a charity has stated, with spring rains also predicted to be poor.

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Venezuela: Time to Prevent Another Syria

John Moore/AFP



Cynthia M. Lardner


Comparing and Contrasting Venezuela and Syria


The world stands by in horror watching the Syrian War crisis unfold in the news. Now with over 150 countries, paramilitary groups and terrorist groups involved, there is no answer to the question of how to create peace. The harsh reality is that the peacekeeping and peacebuilding needed to start before conflict escalated into a civil war.

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Interview with Anant Mishra



Michael Organ interviews Anant Mishra, human rights and political commentator, prolific author and former youth representative to the United Nations.

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African countries to accelerate progress on Great Green Wall


Alpha Jallow

Ministers from African countries North and South of the Sahara and their development partners are meeting in Dakar, Senegal, at a High-Level conference organized by the African Union to accelerate progress on the Great Green Wall – Africa’s largest rural development initiative.

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Watery Cricket


Ananya S Guha

The decision of an Indian High court to shift premises of the IPL because of drought conditions, and also because of water scarcity has been debated by many including former cricketers and icons. Some of the arguments run on these lines: why only cricket as a sport has been chosen, what guarantee is there that the new venue is also not drought affected? So much for that, but the court’s verdict had of course been peremptorily acceded to, as it has to be.

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Ethiopian government poised to address climate change

UNICEF Ethiopia/2015/Tanya Bindra



Alpha Jallow

The Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture, Tefera Derebew, stated that his country has put in place measures to address the occurrence of El Nino which recently affected their country as a result of climate change.

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