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1945: The Beginning Of Modern African Political Thought?

By Durodola Tosin There are several reasons why many regard 1945 as the beginning of Modern African Political Thought. To say, however that Modern African Political Thought started in the year 1945 is a total misconception which will be unfair to history.

Xenophobic Attacks: The Need For Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Readjustment

Reuters photo   By Durodola Tosin Brexit came as a shock not only to Europe but also to the entire World. After my coherent analysis of several factors and actors, I didn’t expect such an unwavering support by the people to reach such a decision.

How apt is the description of the 1920’s in American history as The Jazz Age?

Archibald J. Motley, Jr.   By Durodola Tosin

The Reform of the UN Security Council: Flaws and Obstacles

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters   By Durodola Tosin INTRODUCTION The UN Security Council was created after the most destructive war in history to help the world respond to global security threats with overwhelming force if needed.

Early African Historians’ Writings Before 1945: Precursors of Modern African Historiography

By Durodola Tosin This essay intends to examine the ways by which the early African historians’ writings before 1945 could be considered precursors of modern African historiography. We examine four early African historians – Carl Reindorf of Ghana, Sir Apolo Kagwa of Uganda, Jacob Egharevba of Benin and Samuel Johnson of Nigeria, their works, writings and […]

Terrorism: A New Dimension of War

Getty image   By Durodola Tosin The international system is evolving; the structures that exist are either in decline or not meeting with the demands of global peace and security. The international system has gone through such a rapid transformation to the extent that the UN structures, as they were at the time of its […]

The ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800

By Durodola Tosin In the description of the ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800, it is important to state that the concept “Nigeria” is omitted because there was no Nigeria until 1914. What existed was communities scattered all over the area now called Nigeria. These communities operated their own laws and rules that […]

Nigeria’s leadership roles in Africa

By Durodola Tosin Nigeria’s leadership roles in Africa have been evident since its year of independence. It is a well-known fact that over the years, Nigeria’s foreign policy has consistently been Afro-centric in nature. This is based on the belief that the security well-being of the country is hinged on the security and material wellbeing […]

The Second World War and the economic situation in Africa

By Durodola Tosin INTRODUCTION Following my article on the impact of the Second World War on the political situation of African countries through its contributions to the spirit of self-determination in Africa, it was however essential to write on its impact on the economic situation of African states in order to broaden the knowledge on […]

Africa and the effect of World War II


Neo-Colonialism: A major obstacle to the process of nation-building in Africa

By Durodola Tosin   ABSTRACT Neo-colonialism is the involvement of former powers and foreign business companies in the exploitation of resources of post-colonial people in Africa.  Neo-colonialism took place after independence in Africa; it is not a physical colonialism but still controlling.