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The Greatest Beats Of Your Heart: Pete Marriott

  New, Old, Undiscovered or World Renowned, The Five Records You Can Always Turn To Continuing the series of music articles in which individuals select their own personal choices particularly special to them, we today feature Pete Marriott and present the latest installment of Tuck Magazine’s ‘The Greatest Beats of Your Heart’.

Less Obvious: An Alternative Best Of

  OLDSCHOOL HIP HOP  –  PART ONE Not even the most gifted of fortune tellers or prophets could have predicted just how popular Hip Hop would become at the time of its birth way back in 1973 at block parties and jams in old New York.

Less Obvious: An Alternative Best Of

  OLDSCHOOL HIP HOP  –  PART TWO Beats and rhymes come in many shapes and forms, the forgotten more often than not those that sound fresher when rediscovered. In the second part of Tuck Magazine’s alternative Hip Hop compilation we revisit a further twenty important gems that just itch to be scratched and heard.