Thawing the frozen Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Cynthia M. Lardner

The frozen Israeli-Palestinian conflict has raged on almost since the day Israel achieved independence in 1948, further degrading the most destabilized region in the world.

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Observations of an Expat: Erdogan and Putin cosy up

Reuters photo



Tom Arms

What is Erdogan up to? Whatever it is, it has Putin turning cartwheels through the Kremlin corridors.

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Putin vs the World




Robert Barrett

Machiavelli would be disgusted by the current leaders of the free world. The question they keep asking is: how do we stop Putin in Ukraine? They would do well to remember that if an injury must be done to a man, it should be of such a kind that you need not fear his retaliation. Putin must be destroyed, at least as a political actor. But how to topple a man as yet untouched by diplomatic sanctions, costly foreign conflicts and, most importantly, a collapsing economy?

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