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Fiction: Private School

AFP photo   By Esomnofu Ebelenna

Fiction: Blurs of Red

By Iwu Jeff

Fiction: How It Starts

AFP photo   By Michael Chin

Fiction: The Blows I Do Not Know

By Obaji-Nwali Shegun

Fiction: Nightmares

By Indunil Madhusankha

Fiction: The Story of Jonah (2071 AD)

Wanuri Kahiu   By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

Fiction: Secrets

Jaka Bobnar   By Nixon Mateulah

Fiction: How Much We Have Become

By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

Fiction: I Didn’t Have a Ready Answer

By Paul Beckman

Fiction: Pretz Offensive

AFP photo   By Greg Burkholder

Fiction: An Ideal Time To Relapse

Renee Rosensteel   By Michael Marrotti

Fiction: Hungry, Homeless and Belligerent

Benjamin Zack   By Michael Marrotti

Fiction: The Vindication

AP photo   By Abasi Torty Tortivie

Fiction: Unbelievable!

Abraham Oghobase   By Madamidola Oladele

Fiction: The Bandit

Ullstein Bild/AFP   By Onawale Femi Simeon

The Lost Quest

By Saru Pokharel

Fiction: A Game of Hoopla

Madoda Mkhobeni   By Nixon Mateulah

Fiction: A Hot Bath And Cold Razor Blades

By Michael Marrotti

Fiction: Something

Marius Tudor   By Bernard Ollo

Fiction: The Boy in the Girl’s Armpit

Felipe Jacome   By Patrick Calinescu

Fiction: The Dead Cockerel that Crows at Night

Monsieur Qui   By Ugwu Leonard Elvis

Fiction: Brazen Blonde On The “Q”

Tony Walton   By Sarah Ito

Fiction: Before the Bleat of Goats

By Nixon Mateulah

Fiction: Salient Wall

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh   By Mahmoud Sharif

Fiction: Dark Vicissitude

Wahabi Oluwafemi   By Onawale Femi Simeon

Fiction: Requital

By Kim Bailey Deal

Fiction: A Disaster Ahead Of You

Marius Tudor   By Chinwe O’Brien

Fiction: The Negotiation

UPI photo   By Tom Gumbert

Fiction: Keeping

By Rinita Banerjee

Fiction: Playing Hearts

By Abigail Rathbone