Castro: From Liberator to Dictator


Sami Jamil Jadallah

America, the great democracy, could never find a dictator it did not like; of course, there are always exceptions to the rules, and the exception is Fidel Castro.

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Say What You Say: Fidel Castro Was Africa’s Hero

Themba Hadebe/AP



Joe Khamisi

Regardless of what some Western leaders say, and despite the flashy – but repulsive – street celebrations in Miami, the fallen Cuban leader Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was and will forever remain a friend of Africa.

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Cuba’s Security

Adalberto Roque/AFP



Ricardo Swire

“Socialism or Death” was his famous rallying cry. First issued in an era when Western designed democracy swept the globe, Communist regimes in China and Vietnam embraced capitalism, leaving Cuba an economically crippled Marxist curiosity. The legendary Fidel Castro overcame imprisonment at the hands of Dictator Fulgencio Batista and was exiled to Mexico.

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A Fine Line from Anthony Jenkins in Canada


Anthony Jenkins

I’d like to drop a line from Canada. A few lines, actually. Meandering, searching, elegant lines, but the right lines, telling ones which I hope portray and reveal faces, well-known faces, in different and arresting ways.

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Raila must grieve but his troops must not be left rudderless




Joe Khamisi

Towards the end of his biography: ‘Raila Odinga, An Enigma in Kenyan Politics’, Nigerian author Babafemi A. Badejo, dedicates seventeen pages of testimonies to the Kenyan opposition leader that were sourced from interviews with relatives, friends, politicians and former detainees.

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