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Observations of an Expat: Going Dutch

AFP photo   By Tom Arms Trump lost on Wednesday. I am not talking about the court ruling on version two of his travel ban. Neither am I talking about the mounting incredulity over his wiretapping claims and tax returns. I am talking about an event that took place 3,843 miles away from the White […]

Ruminations on the Austrian Presidential Election – Part Two – After

Matthias Schrader/AP   By Sylvia Petter

Ruminations on the Austrian Presidential Election – Part One – Before

Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters   By Sylvia Petter I’m Australian, I was born in Austria, but can’t vote here. Austria, unlike most Western democracies, does not allow dual nationality, unless of course you’re a Russian opera singer who can’t speak German and only wanted the additional Austrian passport to make travelling easier, or you invest pots of gold […]

A Beacon of Justice, Security and Rule of Law: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Frank Augstein/AP   By Cynthia M. Lardner German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is widely viewed as the most powerful woman not only in the EU but in the world. Today, Ms. Merkel is confronted with widespread criticism primarily from fringe groups in Germany threatening Germany’s long-standing status as being a leader in justice, security and […]