Ritual Murder In Africa


Reuters photo



Isaac Abban

It is quiet surprising and undoubtedly a worrying trend as to why most African societies allow barbaric cultural and superstitious practices to exist in this age of enlightenment and scientific reasoning.

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Ghana In The Eyes Of Lawlessness: A Call To Action



Isaac Abban

Africa has been viewed by many pundits as a continent rife with three main evils; corruption, coup d’etats and civil wars. The attention given to these three evils is so undivided to the extent that there is a total neglect of other issues.

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Kings Of Our Prime – A song by XtaCy feat. Worlasi & Kwame X



Kofi Acquah

Dreams hatched in the mind of a young soul are wishfully tagged a reality when pursued. In doing so, hard work is the key element. Time anyway must be valued, as XtaCy hooked it- “no time to waste…”

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The Brymo Klitorism: Flutes on Brymo’s Klitoris album


Nana Arhin Tsiwah

Are you a sojourner who seeks solitude out of stupor or one who looks for spaceless elements to find a part of their lost selves; or perhaps, does your heart seek the beauties of life that fuels the soul?

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Totalitarian dominance within African Democracy


Ogunniyi Abayomi

The recent Ghanaian election was observed as the exemplary illustration of a democratic state within its sphere of power. The display of maturity during the election between President Mahama over the loss of the presidential seat to Nana Akufo-Addo exhibited the total value demonstrated for the satisfaction of the masses, rather than the selfish desire to rule.

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