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University researcher jailed for calling Ugandan President ‘a pair of buttocks’

AFP photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba Makerere University researcher and LGBT sympathizer Dr. Stella Nyanzi has been charged and remanded to jail for calling Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni ‘a pair of buttocks’.

Senior Ugandan Police Officer Gunned Down

Bukedde photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba Ugandans are still reeling from the chilling murder of senior Police officer, Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Kaweesi was shot several times on Friday morning by armed gun men who were moving on a motorcycle commonly known as “boda boda” in Uganda.

Uganda launches gold refinery

By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda now boasts of having a state of the art Gold refinery in Sub Saharan Africa.

Ugandan President calls on African leaders to end LRA rebels’ reign in CAR

EPA photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wants regional leaders to allow military commands to jointly work out a plan to flush out remnants of the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA and put an end to the suffering of the civilian population in Central African Republic.

101 M23 rebels arrested in Uganda on way to Congo

Jerome Delay/AP   By Gloria Nakiyimba Ugandan security has thwarted an attempt by 101 former M23 combatants to sneak back into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ugandan tribal king Mumbere facing fresh charges of terrorism and murder

AFP photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba The woes of the Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere are far from over, after he was charged afresh on Monday.

Uganda confirms outbreak of Avian flu

Onome Oghene/EPA   By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda has been hit by the deadly Avian Influenza, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced. The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), also known as Avian or Bird flu, affects birds, animals and humans.

Ugandan tribal king re-arrested on charges of terrorism, treason and murder

AFP photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba The Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere has been re-arrested shortly after the Jinja High court granted him bail on Friday.

President Museveni reshuffles top military posts in Uganda, promoting Son to Senior Advisor

By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda’s Opposition has described the latest changes within the army as a move by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni to fortify his grip on power.

Treason added to charges for tribal king Mumbere in Uganda

AFP photo   By Gloria Nakiyimba The Omusinga of the Rwenzururu Kingdom Charles Wesley Mumbere has been charged with treason. The tribal king of the Rwenzururu people in the Rwenzori Mountain region in western Uganda appeared at the magistrate court in the eastern town of Jinja on Wednesday.

Ugandan tribal king charged with murder amid violence in region

James Akena/Reuters   By Gloria Nakiyimba Kasese town remains calm but unstable. The town in Uganda’s western Rwenzori region neighboring the Democratic Republic of Congo has been the scene of heavy fighting with gunshots heard everywhere following the weekend attacks on a tribal King’s Palace.

UAE delivers emergency aid to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Isaac Kasamani/AFP   By Gloria Nakiyimba The United Arab Emirates has joined UNHCR to provide much needed relief items to South Sudanese refugees currently hosted in northern Uganda.

Cholera hits refugee camps as food rations reduce

Moses Mukitale   By Gloria Nakiyimba The Government of Uganda and UN Refugee Agency-UNHCR are implementing measures to contain an outbreak of Cholera in Pagirinya refugee camp in Adjuman.

Trial delayed of rebel Ugandan LRA commander indicted on war crimes

Sam Farmar   By Gloria Nakiyimba The pre-trial hearing of Thomas Kwoyelo, a senior commander in the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) group, indicted on war crimes in Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo between 1987 and 2008, flopped on Monday after defense lawyers failed to show up in court in the […]

South Sudanese fleeing violence cross into Uganda

F Noy   By Gloria Nakiyimba The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) confirmed that a total of 2,959 refugees crossed into Uganda from South Sudan on Friday and throughout the weekend.

Ugandan opposition leader Besigye released on bail

By Gloria Nakiyimba After spending two months in jail, Uganda’s opposition leader retired Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the former Forum for Democratic Change, FDC presidential flag bearer, is finally free, but for how long remains a mystery.

Netanyahu visits Uganda on 40th anniversary of Entebbe

Stephen Wandera/AP   By Gloria Nakiyimba Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is appealing for a united effort from civilized countries to fight terrorism. He noted that nothing justifies terrorism; the deliberate murder of innocent people and systematic slaughter of civilians. He made the remarks on Monday during a one day visit to Uganda to commemorate the 40th […]

President Erdogan supports Uganda’s fight against terrorism in the region

By Gloria Nakiyimba Turkey has pledged to support Uganda’s efforts to pacify Somalia. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the pledge during his two day visit to Uganda that he concluded earlier this week.

Uganda protests killing of its uniformed policemen by Congolese army

By Gloria Nakiyimba The Ugandan government has protested in the strongest terms the killing of four uniformed Ugandan policemen by the Congolese army over the weekend.

Ugandan opposition leader charged with treason and moved to prison

By Gloria Nakiyimba The runner up in the February Ugandan presidential elections, retired Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, has been transferred to Luzira upper prison in Kampala.

Museveni sworn in as President amid controversy in Uganda

By Gloria Nakiyimba Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been sworn in as Uganda’s President. In his maiden speech after taking the Presidential Oath for another term of five years, president Museveni called upon African leaders to work for total peace in Congo, Burundi, Somalia and Central African Republic.

Uganda receives emergency vaccine to combat yellow fever outbreak

By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda has received 714,579 doses of yellow fever vaccine, worth 643,765 US dollars for an emergency reactive mass vaccination campaign in Masaka and Rukungiri districts.

Ugandan govt ban media coverage on opposition party campaign

By Gloria Nakiyimba The Ugandan government has banned live media coverage of the opposition party Forum for Democratic Change, FDC‘s ‘Defiance’ campaigns and all related activities.

Uganda’s Supreme Court declares Museveni duly elected

By Gloria Nakiyimba The Supreme Court in Uganda has ruled that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the National Resistance Movement,NRM, party‘s candidate, was legitimately elected.

China invests in Ugandan agriculture

By Gloria Nakiyimba China is investing 1.8 million US Dollars to boost Uganda’s Agricultural sector. The money will be funding the second Phase of the South-South Cooperation (SSC-2) project launched in the country this week.

Bee Keepers in Uganda request forest area from government

By Gloria Nakiyimba Bee Keepers in Uganda are asking the Government to give them an area in the national forests where they can carry out large scale bee keeping.

Mbabazi petitions court to nullify Ugandan presidential election

By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda’s Former Prime Minister and contender in the recently concluded presidential election John Patrick Amama Mbabazi filed a petition before the Supreme Court seeking to nullify the election of Yoweri Museveni as President of Uganda.

Yoweri Museveni declared presidential election winner; challenger under house arrest

By Gloria Nakiyimba Uganda’s incumbent Yoweri Museveni has been declared the winner of Presidential elections held this week.

Presidential candidate Besigye detained prior to Ugandan elections

By Gloria Nakiyimba The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party’s presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has been delivered to his home at Kasangati, an outskirt of Kampala, after he was briefly detained two days prior to the February 18th Ugandan Presidential elections.

EAC Observers in Uganda for this week’s Presidential elections

By Gloria Nakiyimba Members of the East African Community (EAC) Election Observation Mission (EOM) are in Uganda for the 18th February 2016 general elections.