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Is the NHS guilty of corruption?

PA photo   By Hazel Speed The NHS have been offering bribes to GPs (and who knows if others are also being similarly approached), in the hope they accept what they are being offered so that GPs will stop sending patients to hospitals, regardless of need.

GPs: Hippocratic or Hypocritic Oath?

Keith Brofsky/AFP   By Hazel Speed The words of Sir Thomas More that our Souls are beyond monetary value is oddly, and sadly, not quantifiable with modern medical equipment to measure a soul akin taking to monitoring a person’s blood pressure, or any more than a liar’s tongue is incapable of being held to stop […]

Justice, Security and Rule of Law: God Bless, Not Bash, America

By Cynthia M. Lardner   Prologue   Having been an American expat living in the Netherlands for a year now, I have listened to vociferous criticism of the United States. There seems to exist an international sentiment that the U.S. is singularly responsible for resolving every conflict and handling every crisis. One recent article went […]