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A misconstrued status of health and the dicey affairs of political society

AP photo   By Ogunniyi Abayomi ‘Skeptical’, ‘prune’ and ‘glossy’ are terms illustrating the theatrical displays among our political actor cum leaders whose misidentified responsibilities are altered at the expense of shady benefits and services while the enlightened masses are deceived.

Addressing the dire needs of displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh

AFP photo   By Sheuli Akter Since October 2016, an estimated 74,000 Rohingya people from Myanmar have arrived in Cox’s Bazar District, some 292 km southeast of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

Is the NHS guilty of corruption?

PA photo   By Hazel Speed The NHS have been offering bribes to GPs (and who knows if others are also being similarly approached), in the hope they accept what they are being offered so that GPs will stop sending patients to hospitals, regardless of need.

Keep Working…

EPA photo   By Siddhartha Rastogi   …or else you will Die!

Mrs May’s financial penalty against the sick and disabled, despite her grand speech

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed George Freeman, as Chief Policy Advisor to Mrs May, has created a whirlwind storm in the UK following his crass remarks in regard to wanting to differentiate between physically and mentally disabled (staying at home and taking pills for anxiety), denying the latter access to apply for PIPs Personal […]

Warring in the Oncology Ward

By Binoy Kampmark   Townsville General Hospital

Cancer as Demonology and Defeat

Eraxion   By Binoy Kampmark   “No one needs to be told what their attitude to illness should be – least of all by advertising agencies.” Margaret McCartney, BMJ, Aug 15, 2014

GPs to be accessible 7 days a week

Anthony Devlin/PA   By Hazel Speed Although there are many facets of socio-medical care, at least Mrs May has made a start by her latest remarks in that she will enforce GP’s surgeries to remain open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm as long as there are patients wishing appointments.

GPs and appointment times

McGovern   By Hazel Speed Consider this scenario… Our bodies, as yet, are not aware they must only become unwell Monday to Friday 9-5 or even more restricted hours and give us written on line notice 5 weeks ahead of the symptom(s) if there is a hope of getting an appointment before one of us […]

New Lamps for Old

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed Having grown up in an era where different brands and packets of cigarettes were as many and varied as two football teams and their reserve players, and promoted on TV and all forms of advertising available then, it is interesting to see the changes in stance over the years […]

Africa, Be Wary Of Imported Fast-Food Habits

Khalil Senosi/AP   By Joe Khamisi  Africa could be at risk of a deadly onslaught from a new lifestyle enemy: fast food.

UN Coordinator Condemns Grave Consequences For Civilians of Fighting in Wau

By Peter Louis Following a one-day visit to Wau, the Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan has expressed shock and outrage regarding the loss of life, displacement, and suffering that civilians have endured as a result of the fighting.

British schools urged to fight FGM with novel and new lesson plan

James Akena/Reuters   By Umberto Bacchi Schools in Britain will be encouraged to teach students about female genital mutilation (FGM) to stop the practice which affects tens of thousands of girls in the country, the education minister said on Wednesday unveiling a lesson plan on the issue.

World Bank increases support for health sector in Bangladesh

Munir Uz Zaman/AFP   By Sheuli Akter Bangladesh has reduced under-five child mortality by 29 percent between 2007 and 2014, and during the same period, births attended by medically trained professionals increased from 21 percent to 42 percent. Despite such remarkable progress made over the last decade, the country needs to go an extra mile.

India to vaccinate 300,000 children after polio strain found in sewage

Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters   By Nita Bhalla India plans to urgently immunise around 300,000 children against the crippling polio virus after a strain of the highly contagious disease was detected in sewage in the southern city of Hyderabad, the ministry of health said.

Afghanistan: Number of internally displaced by conflict doubled to 1.2 million in just 3 years

Janus Engel   By Amnesty International The number of Afghans who have fled violence and remained trapped in their own country – where they live on the brink of survival, has dramatically doubled over the past three years, a new report by Amnesty International highlights.

IOM targets vulnerable populations in remote areas of South Sudan

By Peter Louis Rapid response teams from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) are addressing the humanitarian needs of crisis-affected populations outside of displacement sites in South Sudan.

Questioning the intelligent use of foreign aid: Diplomacy all the way

By Anant Mishra Introduction Not long ago, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on the occasion of International Migrants Day said: “Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future.”

The Uganda Village Project

By Johnson Grace Maganja The Uganda Village Project (UVP), a charitable organisation, has been working with the people of Iganga to promote public health and sustainable development in rural communities since 2003. Johnson Grace Maganja had an exclusive interview with UVP Executive Director Leslie Stroud-Romero.

High Vaccine Prices Hamper Immunisation Efforts In Africa

By Peter Louis Ministerial Conference on Immunisation in Africa presses countries to do more, but gives free pass to pharmaceutical companies charging inflated vaccine prices.

The Arab Peace Corps – Why Now?

By Sami Jamil Jadallah It is in times of wars, conflicts, chaos, terrorism and despair; investments in peace and development become more urgent.

Open letter to Sibuor, descendant of Kenyan soil!

  By Judy Amunga-Ndibo Mheshimiwa, Jakom, Jatelo, Sibuor! All these names in our national Kiswahili language and your native Dholuo tribe simply mean that you are great! No ordinary man! No mere mortal! Bulls are being slaughtered in your honour! A brew has been made in your honour! Government budgets are being broken to meet […]