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Just Do It…InShAllah

By Ahmed Tharwat The sportswear giant Nike has finally realized that the Hijab is not a symbol of oppression after all, but again, only if it is their design or has its logo.

Unveiling the Olympic coverage in Rio

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters   By Ahmed Tharwat The contrasting images of the fully clothed Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team playing the scantily clad German team was at the forefront of the media’s coverage as well as the internet during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Golfing with a Trump supporter

By Ahmed Tharwat I took up golfing right after I realized that as a Muslim I wanted to be assimilated, besides I couldn’t play soccer anymore, couldn’t run, so I took walking as a sport.

Listening to a Diasporic British Muslim Woman Writer’s Voice: An Interview with Shelina Janmohamed

By Abu Sufian Writer, columnist and social activist Shelina Zahra Janmohamed was born in 1974 in the UK. She is a British Muslim writer of East-African and South-Asian origin. Janmohamed’s parents emigrated from Tanzania to Britain in 1967. The Guardian describes her as “a commentator on British Islam and Muslim women”.[i]

Selling lingerie on the Egyptian street

By Ahmed Tharwat Cairo’s Tahrir Square is the global symbol of the January 25th Revolution, where millions of Egyptians, including women, went to demand the toppling of the regime. Lately, Tahrir Square has witnessed the courting of the Egyptian population by General Al Sisi and his propaganda machine as well as a “Million Woman March” […]

Fiction from Ani Kayode Somtochukwu

  We today feature two short stories from Nigerian writer Ani Kayode Somtochukwu: ‘The Day It Rained In Kano’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’

Resolving the conflicts of religion in Ghanaian schools

  By Charles Ayitey   Religion, Education and Ghana: From Colonial to the Independence Era   Upon the introduction of colonial rule in Africa, colonies, now independent states, are documented to have been left with particular legacies, at the forefront of which has been religion, along the lines of Christianity or Islamism.

Syria: Still with our bodies

  By Qosai Amamh Corpses decompose all over the Barzeh-Al Tal highway as a number of qualified snipers remain to hunt free prey. Om Firas, a woman wearing a Hijab scarf, walks into the sunlight of the Alawi neighbourhood of Damascus, Esh Al-Warwar, and is instantly seen in clear sight by the shooting gun, exciting […]