RSS Single dream of One Nation, Free of the Caste System


Siddhartha Rastogi


“When I visited the RSS Camp, I was very much surprised by your discipline and absence of untouchablity”

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Kiriti Sengupta makes his way to Sanskrit literature through Indian English Poetry


Kaushik Acharya

There are plenty of Sanskrit texts like Pancatantra, Hitopadesa, Abhijnanasakuntalam, etc, and even The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, two immensely popular Indian epics, which have been successfully translated into several other languages down the ages.

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Tears of Shame


Zeeshan A. Shah


If you wish to thrive for 100 years, then educate your Children  – Dalai Lama  


In a recent UN report on Sustainable Development Goals –SDGs, Pakistan has been identified as having one of the worst indicators in Education Development. It has saddened many of us to know that the country ranks below standard as millions of Out of School Children still struggle for basic primary education with little or no early childhood development, leading to a Generation Crisis.

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Pakistan and India need to talk

PTI photo



Javed Majeedano

India and Pakistan were born at the same time when, after the second world war, Britain decided to leave the Indian subcontinent in August 1947. But two countries celebrate their independent days on different dates with Pakistan on August 14, and India the next day.

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Terror of the time

AP photo



Ananya S Guha

Instead of continuously harping on the same theme, blaming Pakistan, and playing this game for decades, it is time that the Government seriously tries to resolve the Kashmir issue. And this cannot be done by sending the Indian Army which does not draw any boundaries in dealing with its own people, and using strangulating laws like the AFSPA.

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Operation Blue Star: An Untold Story


Sabena Siddiqi

Operation Blue Star was a highly controversial military operation carried out by the Indian government to repress Sikh minorities in 1984. Injustices perpetrated by the Indian state on Sikhs after the partition of 1947, brought things to such a pass that Sikhs decided they wanted a separate Sikh country, Khalistan.

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Last among equals?


Ayushi Singhal

Women and property – A look at succession among Hindus and a recent ray of hope

One of the facets of having a secular Constitution in India is ironically that different religions are governed by different rules (personal laws) in matters like marriage, separation and inheritance.

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