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1945: The Beginning Of Modern African Political Thought?

By Durodola Tosin There are several reasons why many regard 1945 as the beginning of Modern African Political Thought. To say, however that Modern African Political Thought started in the year 1945 is a total misconception which will be unfair to history.

Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

By Hazel Speed When I learned that it was a hundred years since the date of the Russian Revolution, I had a sense of sadness that I always have when I think about this tragic story.

How apt is the description of the 1920’s in American history as The Jazz Age?

Archibald J. Motley, Jr.   By Durodola Tosin

History Beckons

James Stone   By David Adejumo   The value of history to Nation building

The Proposed Constitution in Sri Lanka…

AFP photo   By Thambu Kanagasabai   Will it accommodate the just demands of the Tamils or abandon them to choose their own destiny?

Environment Consciousness in Ancient India

By Kaushik Acharya The Vedas are the first texts in the literature of the human race. They deal with knowledge, both physical and spiritual.

Why Nicola Sturgeon should count her blessings

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed

Intellect and the identity of colour in the 21st century

Jamel Shabazz   By Ogunniyi Abayomi As the black race, we are observed to be individuals of vigour and strength over the mental capability to study and succeed in our intellectual endeavours.

The Last Overlapping Generations Of The 20th Century

Roger Mayne   By Hazel Speed Having listened to a broadcast discussion about pensioners of today being the first in history not to have worked until they dropped, but are now enjoying the fruits of their labours while most probably still going to live for another 20-30 years, I was intrigued to digest more of […]

The Memory Of Independence Day

Nicholas Vreeland   By Ananya S Guha Considering America has a history of about 240 years and Great Britain of course almost since primordial times, an independence of 69 years, perhaps is still a situation which is nascent. But with every August 15th there are murmurs as to how the nation has ‘progressed’, whether the […]

Culture and its clash of identity

Reuters photo   By Ogunniyi Abayomi It is the position and identity of individuals in society, the way of life of people, their thoughts and behaviors embeded charateristics that built the existence of a society.

Early African Historians’ Writings Before 1945: Precursors of Modern African Historiography

By Durodola Tosin This essay intends to examine the ways by which the early African historians’ writings before 1945 could be considered precursors of modern African historiography. We examine four early African historians – Carl Reindorf of Ghana, Sir Apolo Kagwa of Uganda, Jacob Egharevba of Benin and Samuel Johnson of Nigeria, their works, writings and […]

History or International Relations?

Reuters photo   By Ananya S Guha I remember in school in one of our units on World History we also had to study International Relations during the times of Bismarck or Hitler. And that for a class eleven students wasn’t that easy. But that was a part of World or European History today. Perhaps […]

The influence of western culture on Indian society

By Semon Swaraj India is a secular country where people have the freedom to practice any religion and even convert to another religion of their choice.

The ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800

By Durodola Tosin In the description of the ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800, it is important to state that the concept “Nigeria” is omitted because there was no Nigeria until 1914. What existed was communities scattered all over the area now called Nigeria. These communities operated their own laws and rules that […]

The Aberration That Is India!

By Ananya S Guha As an academic I feel rather insecure at the grisly turn of events in the academic institutions in the India of today. While I am not going to go into the JNU events specifically my mind is disturbed at the kind of damage that is being done to academia and the […]


  January 1941   The seafront was ablaze, fire dancing without discrimination. Sirens whirled through the air, the high-pitched drone sending chilled shivers through the core of Frances’s spine. But now was not the time to start getting the heebie-jeebies.