What is a Man’s Worth?

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Hazel Speed

There will be many who, having read about George Osborne‘s worth for working one day per week will, no doubt, be incensed by the sheer greed and injustice when compared to the average salary for one day’s work in respect of an ordinary man (or woman) in general industries, offices, factories, shops, pensioners, hospitals, home care et al.

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Observations of an Expat: Haiti—Land of Extremes

Dieu Nalio Cherry/AP



Tom Arms

Haiti is a land of extremes. Unfortunately they are all the worst kind. It is extremely poor, extremely corrupt, extremely violent and now—extremely devastated.

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The Forgotten

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Zeeshan A. Shah

On August 30th every year, the world marks the International Day of the Disappeared, many countries around the world falling back to recall the gravity of the crisis – a shocking and terrifying experience that some of us went through in our lives; the loss of our precious children. No one knows where they went. Every year, the world remembers the loss and recalls the days of fear, never to be forgotten. Each time, we shiver when we think of those Forgotten Ones.

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