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Is the NHS guilty of corruption?

PA photo   By Hazel Speed The NHS have been offering bribes to GPs (and who knows if others are also being similarly approached), in the hope they accept what they are being offered so that GPs will stop sending patients to hospitals, regardless of need.

Warring in the Oncology Ward

By Binoy Kampmark   Townsville General Hospital

NHS – Paramedics, Hospitals and Patients

Emma Satchell   By Hazel Speed In recent times I have been edified of stories and situations which prove any ambitions the Government may have regarding NHS issues are not going to happen soon and probably not for a decade or more, if then, who can know or guess.

Junior Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath

David Rowe   By Hazel Speed Many will be relieved to learn that the proposed Junior Doctors’ strike in the UK has been averted – even if the next one scheduled does still goes ahead. At least for now, there is time for the BMA, Junior Doctors and their representatives to try and come to […]

Treatment is provided to 16,000 children in mass malaria campaign in South Sudan

By Peter Louis In response to a dramatic rise in incidence of malaria cases in the UN Protection of Civilians Camp (PoC) in Bentiu, South Sudan, the medical humanitarian organisation Medecins Sans Frontiers / Doctors Without Borders, in cooperation with UNICEF, has completed a door-to-door campaign providing malaria treatment to over 16,000 children between the […]