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Sir Mark Tully: Legend of Journalism, Radio and the BBC

  An interview by Ratnesh Dwivedi    This was my first chance to meet Mark Tully in person. I had interviewed him before over the telephone for a community radio station I set up in my previous organization in 2014. A magnificent personality, an excellent welcome and polished Hindi makes Mark Tully what he was in […]

Operation Blue Star: An Untold Story

By Sabena Siddiqi Operation Blue Star was a highly controversial military operation carried out by the Indian government to repress Sikh minorities in 1984. Injustices perpetrated by the Indian state on Sikhs after the partition of 1947, brought things to such a pass that Sikhs decided they wanted a separate Sikh country, Khalistan.

India and the Mukti Bahini

  By Sabena Siddiqi Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Bangladesh where he received a ‘liberation’ war award on behalf of former Indian premier Vajpayee. He recounted the Indian conspiracy to divide Pakistan, saying that the establishment of Bangladesh was the desire of every Indian. He himself had participated as a Jana Sangha volunteer […]

Hard Truth with Anant Mishra: Rolling the Dice: India’s hampered Economic Policies and Reforms

  By Anant Mishra History Since its independence from the British Raj in 1947, India has followed (and is still following) extremely polarized economic policies and reforms.