Pak-India Composite Dialogue: An Analysis


Raja Farrukh Zeb


The two states Pakistan and India started their formal dialogue at the end of 1947, to talk about the payment of money to Pakistan along with a share in the assets, which India denied at first. The two countries also held meetings in 1972 to discuss the issue of the prisoners which India had arrested in the 1971 war that led to the creation of Bangladesh.

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Pakistan’s D-Chowk: A history of protest and change


Waqar Haider

D-Chowk is situated in the Red Zone area of Islamabad. The famous Chowk is always crowded by activists, people against the government or opposition parties. D-Chowk has been witness to so many protests and sit-ins held from 1980 to the present day.

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Pak-Afghan relations: The Durand Line issue




Mairaj ul Hamid

The Pak-Afghan internationally accepted border known as the Durand Line has always been a bone of contention in Pak-Afghan relations since the birth of Pakistan in 1947. Due to this border, Afghanistan refused to recognise Pakistan, although it was mutually agreed between the then two states, British India and Afghanistan. However, this issue is still alive due to the lack of proper information and a misunderstanding of the related document.

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INGOs: Enemies in Disguise




Sabena Siddiqi

‘Save the Children’ is an international NGO working in Pakistan since 1979, purportedly assisting children and families in the aftermath of emergencies such as floods, etc. Last week, the Government of Pakistan announced closure of the organisation’s offices throughout the country for its activities against the State of Pakistan.

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Two Friends Turn to Foes




Sattar Rind

The former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ) and ex-Interior Minister in the Sindh Government, Zulfiqar Mirza had been close friends for the last forty five years, but have now turned out to be enemies to one another.

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An irrational Khan




Sattar Rind

The head of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party Imran Khan, a cricketer turned philanthropist and politician has without doubt proved himself to not only be inflexible but pretentious also, having no link or rapport with political logic or sensibility, in this writer’s opinion.

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