PMQs or a visit to the Hellfire Club?

HOC photo



Hazel Speed

Prime Minister’s Question Time yesterday, (followed by the Prime Minister’s statement, then debate, after which a vote took place in respect of a snap General Election), was such a loud, bawdy and undignified affair, that I am sure the historic Hellfire Club would seem more sedate in comparison.

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European Parliament negotiates Brexit terms

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Hazel Speed

It is appreciated that Brexit is a subject of which we can all be tired. Even the most ardent commentators and journalists have moments of sighing when reporting on the same.

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Germany’s ‘man of the streets’ Schulz plots path to defeat Merkel

Fabrizio Bensch

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters



Paul Carrel and Holger Hansen

His only experience of governing in Germany is as a town mayor. She is Europe’s most powerful leader. Yet Martin Schulz wants to end Angela Merkel’s 11-year run as chancellor and fundamentally shift Germany’s role in Europe. He might just pull it off.

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Abandoning the abandoned: It’s time for the EU to act


Anant Mishra



Refugees and asylum seekers account for only a small percentage of the world’s population, travelling frequently with migrants. Most of these movements are illegal, as their movement occurs without appropriate documentation, through unauthorized borders and smugglers.


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