Ideological Battles Behind Enemy Lines

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Imad Zafar

Criticism is a healthy thing for society if the intention is to point towards the loopholes or problems. As an analyst, journalist or writer, one needs to identify the weaknesses that are prevailing in society. Quite often while criticizing or analysing situations we the journalists and writers sometimes become activists instead of writers, thus breaching the rule of objective journalism.

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Hijacking Literature And Journalism: Pakistan’s Intellectual Dilemma

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Imad Zafar

Literature is a form or branch of knowledge that helps in the development of the mind by creating awareness and ability to think freely, be it fictional literature in the form of novels or in the form of non fictional writing and journalism; it always plays a vital role in creating the conceptions and perceptions of the general public.

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Electronic Media gets a taste of its own medicine

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Imad Zafar

Media has always been an effective tool for manipulating minds. In the early 19th century newspapers were used to manufacture public opinion. With the rise of electronic media, both television, internet and social media, it became easier to propagate agendas and ideologies and to conquer minds. The one who uses the media smartly in his favour wins the war.

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Media, Activists and the violent narrative

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Prince Charles Dickson

In recent times the Nigerian news media and social media feeds are bombarded with images of spectacular extremist violence and increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric from politicians and pundits. This coverage warrants a close look, as public discourse sinks to new lows in justifying violence against entire racial and religious groups. In this public conversation, the stakes are high; lives are on the line.

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Observations of an Expat: A Good Year for Me

Negar Mortazavi



Tom Arms

It has been a good year for journalists. I have never known better. There has been an endless march of upsets, twists, turns, worries, cheers, jeers, doom, gloom and unadulterated surprised joy.

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