Open letter to Sibuor, descendant of Kenyan soil!




Judy Amunga-Ndibo

Mheshimiwa, Jakom, Jatelo, Sibuor!

All these names in our national Kiswahili language and your native Dholuo tribe simply mean that you are great! No ordinary man! No mere mortal! Bulls are being slaughtered in your honour! A brew has been made in your honour! Government budgets are being broken to meet your visit. 10,000 Kenyan security men have been deployed to secure you. Roads are to be closed! Airspace is being sealed! A country has come to a standstill quite literally!

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Nobody’s Children By Hana Hindráková: A Review


© 2015  Hana Hindráková



Valda Organ

Kenya is a country of extreme contrasts: a culturally vibrant land always on the brink of social/political tumult. However, to many western people Africa itself is still shrouded in mystique, a sort of wild place that can never be tamed or fully understood by white culture.

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