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Kiriti Sengupta makes his way to Sanskrit literature through Indian English Poetry

By Kaushik Acharya There are plenty of Sanskrit texts like Pancatantra, Hitopadesa, Abhijnanasakuntalam, etc, and even The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, two immensely popular Indian epics, which have been successfully translated into several other languages down the ages.

A campaign suggestion to aid social cohesion

By Hazel Speed It was with surprise that I came across a radio discussion regarding the view of French people resident and working in the UK, the majority being in London but further thousands throughout the UK.

Observations of an Expat: The Battle of the Theme Parks

By Tom Arms The troops are lining up for the battle of the theme parks in China. On one side are Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Co. On the other are a battalion of dragons and 4,000 years of civilisation.

The ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800

By Durodola Tosin In the description of the ethnic setting in the Nigeria area before 1800, it is important to state that the concept “Nigeria” is omitted because there was no Nigeria until 1914. What existed was communities scattered all over the area now called Nigeria. These communities operated their own laws and rules that […]

The Ugandan German Cultural Society

By Johnson Grace Maganja “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs”-Nelson Mandela.

Fulani organisation celebrates third anniversary in Gambia

By Alpha Jallow A Fulani youth-led organisation aspiring to bring together all Fulani speakers across the globe in a single platform, recently celebrated its third anniversary in Gambia At a groundbreaking event; Fulbe Africa, a non-profit ethnic organization based in the Gambia chose the theme ‘Evolution of Fulani culture in modern times’.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

By Ananya S Guha It is a tragedy that when Prime Ministers of two neighbouring countries meet after a ‘goodwill’ visit it is no more than a faked ornament.

Islamophobia in biographies: Commercial agendas and marketing of stereotypical narratives of cultures

  By Tala Halawa The trend of using Islam in the titles and content of novels and biographies is spreading worldwide. Since the “War on Terror” has emerged as a global issue and been promoted as such; reflections on cultural productions have been noticed.